By Rick Reeno

A very disappointed Marcos Maidana is hoping Golden Boy Promotions can secure a replacement opponent for August 27th or an alternative date in the near future. Maidana was scheduled to defend his WBA "regular" 140-pound title against Robert Guerrero on August 27th in San Jose, California. Guerrero withdrew on Thursday after suffering a left shoulder injury on Wednesday.

"When we got the phone call earlier today it really took us by surprise. But there is nothing we can do. If Guerrero is injured he needs to recover. We talked to Golden Boy Promotions' people and they are trying to book a rival to save the show. I really want to fight because I've prepared for it, I sacrificed myself and so did my team for almost 12 weeks," Maidana said in a statement to

"I will keep focused and pretend like nothing happened. I will go now to the gym as scheduled and will bring my anger to the boxing bag. Hope that someone dares to fight me on August 27."

Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer announced on Thursday that his company was planning to cancel the entire San Jose show and place the boxers, like Maidana, on alternative dates. Guerrero is scheduled to have an MRI conducted on his shoulder on Thursday afternoon. Based on the MRI results, there could a possibility of Golden Boy rescheduling Maidana-Guerrero to a later date in the year.

"We have to keep on focused and let Golden Boy Promotions do their work to get an opponent for Maidana. I'm sure they will," Maidana's trainer Rudy Perez commented.

Maidana flipped his lid after reading a recent allegation that was made by Amir Khan, the WBA's "super champion" at junior welterweight. After Guerrero's injury was announced, Khan took to his Twitter page and made a statement, which alleged, that Maidana paid Guerrero "step aside money" to withdraw from the fight.  

"Look who's got out of the cave to open his big mouth again. Amir Queen Con is the biggest liar and conner you can find around boxing these days. He says I paid Guerrero not to fight. What an stupid comment, disrespectful to both Guerrero and myself. Especially when that comment comes from someone who hires lawyers and files special requests to avoid a fight with me, like he did a few weeks back," Maidana said.

"I'm fed up with this p*ssy who says one thing and does the opposite. I'm just fed up. He beat me fair the first time, I always admitted it. But he had to run for his life and ended up looking like a chicken inside the ring. That's why he is terrified to face me again. That's why he begged the WBA to give him a 18 month extension to meet his mandatory with me. If he is available on December 10 - I am here, you Amir Queen Con. Every night when he goes to sleep he can't even look at the mirror when he thinks of me 'cause he is terrified."