By Luis Sandoval

Marcos Maidana is no stranger to big fights but the biggest one of his career is on the horizon as he will be facing the number fighter in the world when he meets Floyd Mayweather is just a few weeks. Maidana has been hard at work with trainer Robert Garcia and new strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza as he knows he must prepare to the best of his abilities to give himself the best chance to be victorious.

Maidana, like all Mayweather opponents, is an underdog going into his fight. Despite beating the odds last December by defeating then undefeated champion Adrien Broner, the task of defeating Mayweather is a much more difficult one.

Being the underdog however is something Maidana doesn’t mind one bit and plans to prove everyone wrong once again.

“Every time I come into a fight with a good opponent, I’m always the underdog, I’m never the favorite. But that doesn’t matter because I like to give surprises,” said Maidana.

Beating Mayweather would be one of the biggest surprises the sport has ever seen as Floyd has remained undefeated in his 18 years in the sport and even losing rounds is seldom seen. Maidana however is the hardest puncher Mayweather has ever faced and Maidana feels confident that he’ll able to connect on Mayweather and cause damage.

“We all know he’s a great champion but I’m preparing well and every time I fight a good opponent and I catch him with a good shot I hurt him and I could knock him out. With Mayweather, I expect to catch him with a good shot and I feel I’m going to hurt him too,” said Maidana.

One of the reasons a fight with Maidana and Mayweather became interesting to people was due to the fact that Broner , who Maidana beat, uses a similar style to Mayweather. Mayweather and Broner both use the shoulder roll defense but Maidana feels their similarities stop there.

“I think Mayweather is much faster, walks the ring more and has more experience. They have a similar style but it’s not the same thing”.

Maidana feels very confident going into this fight and more than anything knows how much this victory will mean not just to him, but his country of Argentina. On May 3rd he will try to shock the world and score the biggest victory of his career.

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