By Mark Vester

Last weekend, Luis Collazo felt that he should have been announced as the winner when the three scorecards were read for his title shot at undefeated WBC welterweight champion Andre Berto. The scores of 116-111, 114-113 and 114-113 gave Berto the unanimous decision victory.

The opinions of many fans were split on who won. Some saw Berto pulling out the fight by winning the last two rounds, and others saw a clear decision for Collazo. While some could see the fight being scored 114-113 in either direction, nobody can figure out how one judge had it 116-111 for Berto, especially with a point deduction for holding.

"I didn't see the fight being so close. I threw a lot more punches than Berto. I was the more aggressive fighter and Berto did a lot of holding and running," Collazo told Primera Hora.

Collazo lost another close decision in the past, when he nearly derailed the Ricky Hatton express in 2006. He hopes to get a rematch with Berto in the summer. If not Berto, he wants the best fighters at the weight.

"It just seems to be my luck. What can I do? The thing is to do everyhing possible for them to give me a rematch, maybe in May or June," Collazo said. "We will see what happens. I have always wanted to fight the best welterweights and that has not changed. I will keep working in the gym, training at my best for a fight to come about."

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