By Steve Kim

Suddenly there is a lot of chatter of a fight between WBO super featherweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko (8-1, 6 KOs) and WBA super bantamweight titlist, Guillermo Rigondeaux (18-0, 12 KOs), with Lomachenko needing an opponent for the late summer. 

The chatter is somewhat amusing to Egis Klimas, who manages Lomachenko. In a recent interview, Rigondeaux called for Lomachenko to come down to the featherweight limit of 126 or a catch-weight of 127 or possibly 128.

He told in a recent interview - "I'm sick and tired of all the nonsense on Twitter, the media, whatever, like Rigondeaux calling Lomachenko. It's like Lomachenko calling out (Terence) Crawford, 'Hey, come down to 130 and we're going to fight' and then say,'OK, I called Crawford, he's afraid to fight me' - just as an example."

In the past there were attempts to match these two superlative boxers, who each won two Olympic gold medals.

"When Lomachenko was fighting at 126 and was a champion at 126, the offer was put on the table to fight but then they didn't fight. I believe even two times it was offered to Rigondeaux to fight Lomachenko at 126," Klimas recalled.

"They didn't want to come up to fight at 126. They said, 'Oh, let's do a catch-weight at 124'. But that never happened. Lomachenko was a 126-pound fighter, he was a champion at 126 and he says, 'Come here, we can fight.'

"Now, Lomachenko comes up to 130 and even thinking of going to 135, these guys start calling. He's still a 122-pound fighter and he's calling Lomachenko to look back. But [is he] willing to come to 130?"

And with that, Klimas has a very simple message for Team Rigondeaux.

"Come to 130, be my guest," he states.

Could this just be more posturing from the Cuban and his handlers?

"Exactly," agreed Klimas. "Thats what it is. Come to 130 and be my guest to fight Lomachenko."

Steve Kim is the news editor for