Youtuber Logan Paul believes a fight with his younger brother, Jake Paul, would be 'one of the highest grossing pay-per-view combat sports events of all time'.

Both social media stars have transitioned to the sport of boxing in the last few years.

Logan is scheduled to face five division champion Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout in the coming months, while Jake will take part in his third professional bout when he faces mixed martial arts veteran Ben Askren in pay-per-view main event on April 17.

The two talkative siblings have a love-hate relationship on social media.

Logan believes a fight with his brother would do some very serious business on pay-per-view.

"I'm a showman, so is Jake, and we had a little rivalry on YouTube that has never been matched and I don't believe it ever will," Logan Paul told Access.

"Our diss tracks against each other have like 300 million views, it was like we were the two brothers that despised each other online. And I think we can probably make a similar wave if Jake and I ever fought each other. I'd go ahead and say Logan Paul versus Jake Paul would be one of the greatest, and biggest and highest grossing pay-per-view combat sports events of all time."

Logan, despite a big advantage in size and youth, is a tremendous underdog in the fight with Mayweather, who many observers predict will easily win the contest.

In a recent interview, Jake downplayed his brother's ability to beat Mayweather.

"My brother is a fake fighter, I'm the real fighter. He's 0-1-1, I'm 3-0. I wish him the best of luck. I just like - don't get in there with a guy who's never even been knocked out. [Mayweather has] been knocked down once and it was by accident," Jake told TMZ.