Tom Loeffler thinks Canelo Alvarez’s anger toward his star charge is a bit misguided.

Loeffler, the longtime handler of Gennadiy Golovkin, said in a recent interview that he was a bit befuddled by Alvarez’s aggressive rhetoric against the Kazakh puncher.

Alvarez and Golovkin are headed toward a third meeting of their storied rivalry on Sept. 17 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The Mexican superstar has made it clear that he views this fight on highly personal, even aggrieved, terms. The two fought to a draw in 2017, while Alvarez eked by with a majority decision in the rematch in 2018. The buildup to the rematch was marred by Alvarez’s positive PED result, which compelled the normally mild-mannered Golovkin to denounce his foe, calling him a cheater among other labels. Alvarez has made it clear he has never quite forgiven Golovkin for those remarks.  

Nevertheless, Loeffler was particularly puzzled by Alvarez’s stance because of what he felt was excessively favorable judging the Mexican received in the two fights. The first fight was embroiled in controversy because many observers believed it was a clear win for Golovkin and that Alvarez did not do nearly enough to merit even a draw.

While the second fight was less controversial than the first, it was close enough whereby many observers believed it could have been a draw or a Golovkin win.

The fact that Alvarez got the benefit of the doubt on two occasions, according to Loeffler, should be reason for Alvarez to be grateful, not acrimonious, toward Golovkin.

“I was surprised at how angry Canelo was,” Loeffler told “Canelo, out of anyone, should be happy that Triple G fought him because the decisions, definitely, he got a lot of love from the judges on those fights.

“They were very controversial decisions, and so Canelo, out of everyone, should be happy that Triple fought him…and he’s coming off a loss, yes. You figure that this is a huge fight still for boxing and one of the hugest trilogies we’ve ever seen.”

“The second fight, if it would’ve been a draw and Triple G kept his titles, I thought that would’ve been fair, even though I still thought he edged that second fight,” Loeffler added. “Canelo taking the titles in the second fight, that’s when everything sort of really––that’s when Golovkin got pissed off at that whole system up there.”