By Chris Robinson

On Sunday night I touched base with international promoter and advisor Sampson Lewkowicz, known best to the masses for his work with lineal middleweight champion Sergio Martinez.

I made a point to reach out the Uruguayan-born Lewkowicz in regards to a trip to California this week that that will hopefully see me covering the likes of Andre Berto, Victor Ortiz, Brandon Rios, Kelly Pavlik, and Martinez in their respective training camps.

Before I finished my conversation with Lewkowicz, I felt like needling him for his thoughts on the latest talk of a possible rematch between junior middleweight champion Miguel Cotto and welterweight titleholder Manny Pacquiao.

As of late, Martinez has had some scathing remarks for both Pacquiao and Cotto for what he feels is either their lack of interest in facing him or their insistence on tackling softer opposition.

Still, for Lewkowicz, the fight is all but announced at this point.

“To me it’s not a rumor,” Lewkowicz stated. “It’s the truth. I strongly believe that is the next fight for Cotto.”

Pacquiao defeated Cotto via 12th round TKO in their November 2009 duel at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas but the Puerto Rican bomber has reeled of three straight TKO victories since then, adding a little bit more luster to a possible second encounter between the two prizefighters.

The first fight took place at a catch-weight of 145 pounds and Lewkowicz feels that if Cotto, whose junior middleweight occupancy sees him typically come in at 154 pounds or slightly less, comes down to the welterweight class that he will be doomed.

“It’s depending on the weight,” stated Lewkowicz. “At 147 he has no power. If he fights him at 150 and up, he will win the fight. It’s the first time that I can tell you that three or four pounds will make the difference between winning and losing.”

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