Ringkoping, Denmark - In the main event of TK Promotion´s show middleweight Landry Kore (11-0-1) scored an exciting come from behind win and knocked out Frenchman Idaas Redjdal (10-2-2) with a left hook 1.12 into the fifth round. Redjdal went down and out and the fight was stopped without a count and it took some time before Idaas got to his feet.

The fight seemed all but won for the Frenchman in the third as he hurt Kore with right uppercuts and floored him twice. It was close to being stopped but Kore was saved by the bell. Redjdal fought well in the fourth but Kore came back strongly and took over the fight. In the fifth he hurt his opponent with a left hook and Redjdal retreated into his own corner and Kore poured it on and then landed the finisher and it was all over.

Welterweight Oliver Mollenberg (5-0-1) floored German Sandro Luetke Bordewick (7-15) twice in the first and the towel came in to end this mismatch. Bordewick looked frail and scared  and appeared to have no clue on what to do in a ring. Mollenberg on the other hand is a pretty decent prospect and quickly hurt his opponent with hooks to the body.

Super welterweight Mikkel Nielsen (9-2) won a split decision over Frenchman Bernard Follea (7-10-2) in a close fight that well could have gone the other way. Follea made a slow start but scored with hard hooks on the inside in the mid-rounds that seemed to stagger the Dane.

Nielsen came back in the fifth as his opponent seemed to tire but Follea again landed some good hooks in the final round to get a draw on my card. The judges had it an out of line 60-54 for Nielsen, 58-56 Follea and 68-56 Nielsen.

Local hero, debutant and featherweight Payman Akbari knocked out German Sergey Vib with a right hook to the body in the first round and it was over at 2.04. It was scheduled for four.

Featherweight Michael Nielsen opened the show with six round points win over Greek Paris Stavropoulos, who arrived in Denmark as a lightweight but was forced to trim down a little. He was still heavier than NIelsen and appeared to overrun his opponent in the first. He then tired a bit and resorted to showboating at distance and that won Nielsen some rounds. It still looked as if the visiting had won when the fight was over but it was scored 58-56 on all cards  for Nielsen.