by David P. Greisman

Lamont Peterson will be an interested observer in Brooklyn this Saturday. The welterweight has the World Boxing Association’s “regular” world title, and that could land him a shot at the winner of the unification bout between WBA “super” titleholder Keith Thurman and WBC beltholder Danny Garcia.

Peterson lost a close decision to Garcia in 2015. He doesn’t prefer a rematch — he only wants the winner. The question, then, is who he thinks will come out victorious.

“Honestly my brain is telling me slightly Thurman, but something else is telling me slightly Garcia,” Peterson told “My instincts are telling me that Danny is going to pull this off. People talk a lot about his opposition. I feel like he do go up and down with his opposition. At the end of the day, he’s more battle-tested than Keith. He shows up consistently at every big fight.”

Peterson can envision a path to victory for Thurman.

“I can see Keith moving around and picking his shots, and just being smart, and winning the fight. I can see that,” Peterson said.

“If he sticks to that strategy, don’t get caught up in too many things that Danny’s father’s been saying. If he leaves his feelings out of it, I can see him — as far as technical skills — boxing and winning the decision. I can see that. I see that clearly. But I don’t see how Danny is going to pull it off.

“I just know that he pulls it out,” Peterson said. “Something’s telling me that he’s going to do it.”

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