by David P. Greisman

Lamont Peterson’s known Errol Spence since Spence was still an amateur. Now they’re both pros — Spence is a rising welterweight contender who is about to challenge Kell Brook for a world title, while Peterson is a former 140-pound titleholder who has moved up to 147 and captured the secondary World Boxing Association’s “regular” title.

Peterson sees Spence beating Brook.

“I’ve definitely been impressed with him from the very first time I saw him fight. I saw him sparring and actually sparred with him … when he was getting ready for the Olympics in 2012,” Peterson told “Errol was one of the guys who stood out to me. I knew he would be an excellent pro and fighting for a world title some day. What people say about him is true. He can fight his ass off. I see him winning that fight with Brook. I don’t see the hype of the championship fight or the hostile crowd getting to him. He’ll take care of business like he normally do.”

Peterson also is open to a potential fight with Spence down the line.

“At the end of the day, it’s the fight game, it’s the business. I’m sure at some point you can put friendship or whatever [aside] and you fight,” Peterson said. “It doesn’t mean that I hate you or you hate me. I definitely will take a fight with Errol or any other welterweights that’s out there [except Adrien Broner, whom Peterson is very close with.]

“We’re all in the Top 10 category,” he said. “That’s our duty to mix it up and fight each other.”

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