By Miguel Rivera

WBO/WBA flyweight world champion Juan Francisco 'Gallo' Estrada (33-2, 24KOs) is expecting to return to the ring in the middle of the year.

The boxer has been out of action since last September, when he knocked out countryman and former champion Tyson Marquez to retain the belts. Marquez went down seven times in the contest.

Estrada, 25-years-old, said hs is recovering from an injury to his right hand. He had it operated on three months ago and wants to ensure that his recovery goes well.

"There have been some idle periods due to injuries and that has stopped me a little, but thank God I'm still champion and I hope to return in the middle of year," Estrada said to ESPN Deporters.

"I've had the injury since the fight with Chocolatito [in 2012]. I kept fighting, I kept injuring myself, but kept having therapy on it, so it soothed my pain and in the last two fights I had to endure pain but it wasn't severe. Three months ago I had it operated on and everything is going according to plan."

He says the lesion in his right hand would have prevented a rematch with Roman Gonzalez for an April date, but there was never an offer to begin with.

"I had a cyst back then when he beat me. I trained very strong with a good physical preparation for the fight because I couldn't use both hands very well. If they had offered me the same fight, I would not have accepted because I don't want excuses. I was not going to fight with an injury. On the contrary, I want the fight with Chocolatito when I'm healthy.

Estrada plans to move to the super flyweight division by 2007 and says a fight with WBC champion Carlos Cuadras is good possibility.