By Raul Breton,

SANTO DOMINGO, Rep. Dominicana.- Jonathan Guzman (22-0, 22KOs) arrived back home on Monday. The new champion hoped to celebrate his world title victory but his happiness vanished at the same International Airport of the Americas.

The brand new super bantamweight champion of the International Boxing Federation indicates that he was robbed of $70,000 that was brought in a suitcase on a flight from Miami that landed at 2:45 pm.

According to the boxer, that money was the payment he received after winning the fight last Wednesday in Japan - a knockout of local slugger Shingo Wake in the eleventh round.

"Someone stole my $70,000 that I brought over in a suitcase. It was the money I had made after becoming a world champion. I was robbed at the airport," said the Dominican champion.

Guzman was blunt to ensure that the loss of the money occurred in the Dominican Republic: "It took place here."

Guzman said that had declared the money in the United States before leaving the country. He showed proof to the US authorities he had won that money in a boxing match and said that he had no trouble taking a flight.

Unbeaten in 22 fights, the new champion was greeted by dozens of fans, friends and family, but his happiness was short-lived when he realized the theft. Guzman was paid $90,000 for that fight - and $20 thousand of that purse was paid out to his trainer and repayment of advance.