By Miguel Rivera

Jonathan 'Bomba' González had to hit bottom to discover that he had to make substantial changes if he wanted to aspire to a world title.

González began his career in 2011 winning 13 of the first 14 commitments. The only setback was a "no contest" before Omar Salado in February 2013. Six months later, he agreed to face Mexican Giovani Segura, who knocked him out in the fourth round. In addition, he lost to the unknown Jobert Álvarez

“I was an ignorant child, now I am a family man and father. Thinking about my daughter gave me the strength and wisdom to make things better,” said the 28-year-old boxer to Carlos Gonzalez. "I was not 100 percent dedicated."

Gonzalez (22-2-1, 13 KO) expects to see the fruits of those changes on August 24 when he challenges Japanese Kosei Tanaka for the World Boxing Organization (WBO) belt, a 112-pound version. The fight will be in champion's backyard of Japan.

“It is a life or death opportunity. I have been dedicating myself to boxing for almost two years and I am at peace and I have a clear mind,” González said.

IN OTHER NEWS: Daniel P. Lewis successfully completed his charity world record attempt for the most consecutive rounds sparring.

MTK Global was the official sponsor of the event at Camp and Furnace in Liverpool, as Daniel passed the previous world record of 141 rounds and finished on 143 rounds.

There were plenty of stars in attendance who helped Lewis on his journey, including Martin Murray, Tasha Jonas, Darren Till, Sam Maxwell, Derry Mathews, Robbie Davies Jr, Sean Dodd, and many more.

A big crowd was also on hand to support Daniel throughout the extremely challenging day, after spending over 10 hours in the ring sparring in order to achieve his incredible goal.

The charity world record attempt was to raise awareness for Foot in the Door Films CIC’s local campaign: Be Inspired to Achieve – Big Film Project, and is also supporting No More Knives, Cash For Kids, and the Derry Mathews Academy.