By Ryan Burton

Undefeated WBA junior welterweight champion Jessie Vargas has advised that he is now being trained by former pound for pound king Roy Jones.

Vargas was most recently trained by veteran trainer Ismael Salas who accepted an offer to train in England.

The Las Vegas native said that Salas wanted to continue training him overseas but he prefered to continue training for his November 22nd title defense against Antonio Demarco at home.

"I haven't ever left a trainer because I wanted to," Vargas explained.  "Roger (Mayweather) was and is a great trainer but got real sick at one point when we were training where it would get to the point where he couldn't come to the gym at times   and that's when the change came but I was always comfortable there. It was just the fact that he was a bit ill and couldn't see very well because of his diabetes.

"With Salas a team of fighters offered him good money to train them and that's when he made the decision to take the deal under a guaranteed salary which I can understand. He has to look out for him and his family," he continued.

Vargas said that he is excited to train under the watchful eye of Jones and that he expects to become a better fighter with a legend in his corner.

"I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and now I am with Roy Jones Jr. and I'm very happy that we were able to connect. He has so much to show me and everyday I go to the gym and I am excited to learn something new. He is a great trainer and and great person with so much knowledge. I am happy to have the opportunity to work with one of the greatest fighters out there," Vargas told  

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