By Ruslan Chikov

Former four division champion James Toney has ripped into the Klitschko brothers, Wladimir and Vitali. He continues to claim the championship brothers are avoiding him. Toney has landed in Russia to take part in a press conference to announce his cruiserweight clash with Denis Lebedev on November 4. Toney told repoter Andrei Bazdrev that neither brother was willing to face him.

"The Klitschko sisters don't want to fight me, so here I am. Lebedev is a very good fighter. I have often said that perhaps he is the best at cruiserweight. Otherwise I wouldn't agree to this fight. I want to fight with the best. Who said that I'm 43 and I'm an old man? I am a master of boxing. I've never been knocked out. My best is yet to come," Toney said.

"I dont like the Klitschkos. They have no talent, no heart: under the pressure of real boxers the brothers break. They are fighting at home in Germany, where they feel very comfortable. They do not want to fight - and that's okay. If I want the championship belt, I can take it from [Alexander] Povetkin.