By Mark Vester

Former three division champion Marco Antonio Barrera let it all hang out when talking about the upcoming fight between Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao. Barrera fought, and lost, two fights with Pacquiao. He was also a partner in De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions, leaving the company a few months ago to sign a deal with promoter Don King.

Barrera says the fight is a disgrace and nothing more than a circus act to line the pockets of the two fighters involved.

"What battle? This is not battle. This doesn't give any respect to the people - it's a circus. It is something that will make us lose a lot of credibility as boxers with these kind of things," Barrera told Nicaraguan journalist Pablo Freights. "Why didn't De La Hoya challenge Antonio Margarito or one of the Klitschkos"

"I believe Oscar should win in two rounds. The fight is a circus. Jose Sulaiman [WBC president] said the same thing, that the fight was a circus. Their pockets are the ones that are going to win. They are the ones who going to leave full and satisfied because the boxing family will not get a lot from this farce."

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