Hosea Burton has made it clear that the most important thing right now is for everybody to stay healthy – following the postponement of the Golden Contract light-heavyweight semi-finals.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the planned Golden Contract event that was due to take place on Friday at York Hall will now be held at a later date.

Burton (25-1, 11 KOs) was one of the four light-heavyweight semi-finalists due to compete, alongside Liam Conroy, Serge Michel and Ricards Bolotniks.

While it is a frustrating time for the boxers following the postponement, Burton insists that ensuring everybody stays healthy is what matters.

Burton told Sky Sports: “I’ll have a week or two rest and then get back in the gym. I am a gym rat, I’m always fit and ready for that call.

I only need that week or two weeks’ notice to say you’re fighting. I’ll stay fit, but the main thing is staying healthy, I’d rather be poor and alive than rich and dead.

“Boxers only get paid when they fight, so it is what it is, but we can’t do anything. This is a worldwide situation. You can’t feel sorry for me or any of the other boxers, you’ve got to feel sorry for the rest of the world as well.”

Fans who purchased a ticket to the #GoldenContract light-heavyweight semi-finals can receive a full refund by contacting their point of sale.