By Rick Reeno received a surprise call from IBO cruiserweight champion Danny Green, presently relaxing in the United States. Green flew in to support his close friend Vic Darchinyan, who knocked out Tomas Rojas in two rounds on Saturday night in California. Green shocked everyone with his first round stoppage of Roy Jones Jr. on December 2 in Australia. Even Green was surprised with how fast the fight was over.

"It's been pretty fantastic. Obviously it's a big thrill. It takes some time to creep in. We knew we would be victories but to do it in the first round was a shock a surprise. To take on such a legend and win, it's fantastic. I didn't expect one round. I expected a late round stoppage. It was a big thrill. We were prepared for twelve rounds but I didn't have to do much. I have a lot of respect for Roy Jones Jr. He's a legend. It's a dream to grow up and fight someone like Roy Jones Jr. and shock the world," Green told

Green's unexpected win would ruin the already planned Jones-Bernard Hopkins rematch for March. Hopkins tried his best to save that rematch. He claimed the referee stopped the fight too soon. And he used the Jones stoppage as an example on why he refuses to fight in "Europe."

"He must have been thinking of Austria because Europe isn't anywhere near Australia. The ref gave [Jones] him a chance after he was knocked down. There were 40 or so unanswered punches after he was dropped. There were 50 or more seconds to go. He showed his warrior's spirit by finishing the fight on his feet. We shocked the world by winning in devastating fashion. We had a plan and carried that plan out. We always knew we would be victories," Green said.

Now Green is focusing his attention on a fight with Hopkins. He retained the services of veteran promoter Gary Shaw, who is now advising Green and trying to make the fight happen. Hopkins has expressed interest in fighting Green, and depending on the money - he might accept an offer to take the fight in Australia.

"Gary is advising me and we're doing a plan. It's out of my control at the moment. It's up to Bernard on where he wants to go. If he wants it in Australia or he wants to do it here in America. Of course we have to agree to the terms. Hopefully we sign it and get the fight on. It make sense to do that fight. It's a natural progression. They were supposed to fight Jones. They overlooked me. Now he can scratch out Roy's name and put my name on the contract. It's the biggest and most lucrative fight out there," Green said.

If Hopkins falls out. The natural "Plan B" would be a domestic rematch with Anthony Mundine. But for Green, a rematch with Mundine is not on the radar.

"Mundine is fighting subpar opponents. We are fighting the real opponents. We are bringing the real fighters, the meaningful fights [to Australia]. We are fighting hall-of-famers and beating them," Green said.

Shaw told BoxingScene that Hopkins vs. Green is the natural fight to make - at cruiserweight. He plans to make a lucrative offer to Hopkins in the coming days.

"We are going to make an offer to Bernard to come down [to Australia]. We will treat Bernard with the respect that he's' due. We will' entertain an offer back from Bernard to fight here. Whatever makes the most sense, financially, is what we'll do. The question is is whether Bernard will fight him at this time. This fight make sense. He was supposed to fight Roy. Roy is gone now and we have to see what he'll do. The question right now is - does he want to fight. Danny green won't beg him. He'll just move on," Shaw said. "They call him the "Green Machine" because he produces money."

"He said he would fight Adamek at cruiserweight. There is more money in a Danny Green fight than there is in an Adamek fight. So why not move up to fight Green for more money. He already said that he's moving on [from light heavyweight]. He's not fighting Chad Dawson, who is the best light heavyweight in the world. He's talking about moving on to cruiserweight and heavyweight. The first step is to make the fight and where it takes place. The second step is the weight. Danny will want it at 190. And the third step is who walks first and who walks last, the gloves - but all of that stuff can be worked out. Danny holds a belt and it gives Bernard a chance to capture one at cruiserweight."