By John MacDonald

Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg appear to be on-course for a massive British showdown this summer. IBF super bantamweight champion, Carl Frampton (20-0 14 KOs) and WBA “Regular” holder Scott Quigg (30-0-2, 22 KOs) are generally accepted as being amongst  the best in the 122lbs weight class, alongside fellow titlists Guillermo Rigandeaux and Leo Santa Cruz. Whilst too often fights amongst the best in a division fail to materialise – or happen too late – Quigg’s promoter Eddie Hearn is confident the fight will take place.

“Of all the big British fights, I think that’s the one that has the most chance of happening next,” Hearn told

“Talks have already begun with Cyclone Promotions [Frampton’s promoters]. We know there is going to be bumps in the road on the way but I think everybody wants the fight to happen and I’m quite confident it will happen.”

Whilst optimistic that a deal will be reached, Hearn is realistic enough to identify there are potential issues that will have to be resolved. Frampton, 28, blasted out mandatory challenger Chris Avalos last Saturday, obliging referee Howard Foster to stop the contest in fifth round with Avalos in no position to continue. The bout was seen by almost 2 million viewers live on ITV. Afterwards Quigg joined Frampton in the ring and both men expressed their desire for the fight to happen. Quigg has fought his last six fights exclusively on Sky Sports. Which network would broadcast the contest is one of three key issues to be resolved, according to Hearn.

“There are going to be stumbling blocks. The three that standout are: location, split and the broadcaster but no one is restricted in terms of what they can and can’t do. I don’t want to dishearten the fans but when a fight of this magnitude arises, it’s my job to make sure my client gets the most amount of money available.

“I’ve not met a fighter that doesn’t want to earn as much money as he can for what is a very tough sport. These two are so lucky to be in a division where this kind of opportunity and this kind of fight presents itself. They may never get a fight of this magnitude again in their careers so we have to make sure we do the right thing by the fighters.

“Cyclone Promotions will go and speak to their broadcaster, we’ll go speak to ours and we’ll have a meeting – probably later in the week – but ultimately the route taken will be whatever is the best decision for Carl Frampton and Scott Quig,” Hearn revealed.

Quigg, 26, has been out of action since November having undergone surgery to rectify an injury sustained to his right hand during a unanimous decision over Hidenori Otake. Despite this period of inactivity Hearn insists his charge will not require a tune-up ahead of a fight with Frampton

He won’t take another fight. Scott will go straight in to the Frampton fight. He won’t be ready to fight until the end of May. We’re talking middle-end of June for this fight so he’ll be ready to go.