Highly rated welterweight Harold Calderon returns to action this weekend in Miami, Florida, as he contests the USBO Welterweight title in a bill topping bout against Jonathan Eniz.

Miami, Florida, is a place that has become a hub for pro boxing during the pandemic era, with many of boxing’s promoters relocating to the sunshine state. With events being held on a regular basis in Orlando and Miami, boxing’s eyes are firmly on Florida and will be for the foreseeable; as Canelo Alvarez also tops the bill in Miami next Saturday.

This coming Saturday sees now Miami based Harold Calderon top the bill in Miami itself, and he opened up about his opportunity to win the the IBO’s USBO title.

He said, “Firstly thanks to my manager Gary Lewis for getting me this opportunity and continuing to bring me along at a good pace so I can continue to progress in my career the right way. You have to have good management and I am blessed to have that.

“I am really excited to be topping the bill in Miami in a good fight and I am grateful to be boxing for the USBO title. Thank you to all the team who made this opportunity possible and I’m ready to make them proud of me on Saturday night. I want to repay the faith people have shown in me by showing I’m a future world champion.”

As aforementioned, Florida has become a hub to boxing during the pandemic. Calderon discussed the impact that the pandemic has had on his own career.

The welterweight standout said, “At times the pandemic has had a negative effect as it made fights more difficult to get and plans changed and fell through. So it has been frustrating as I wanted to be close to world titles now but I’m glad to have a great manager who has helped me progress when other people have not.

“On the other side of things Miami and Orlando have had shows nearly every week which is great, and to be topping one of those bills for a title is amazing right now. So I’m very lucky to be in this situation and I’m excited to continue with my career in a state that is one of the best places for boxing in the world right now.”