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Guillermo Jones' Appeal Being Reviewed By The WBA

By Elisinio Castillo

Former champion Guillermo "Felino" Jones, 42-years-old, of Panama has sent a letter to the World Boxing Association (WBA), asking the sanctioning body to reconsider their two-year suspension after Jones tested positive for a banned diuretic prior to his canceled rematch with Denis Lebedev in April 2014. It was the second where Jones tested positive for the weight cutting agent. He came up positive for a diuretic after knocking out Lebedev in their 2013 encounter.

Gilberto Mendoza Jr., Executive Vice President of the WBA, confirmed Jones' request.

"Guillermo Jones has indeed sent us a letter and a petition that should be reviewed by the legal, ranking and championship committees of the World Boxing Association," said Mendoza.

Jones stated in his letter that he wants to return as heavyweight and requested a ranking under the WBA.

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