By Ryan Burton

Last night former multi division champion Robert Guerrero lost a spirited unanimous decision to WBA welterweight champion Keith Thurman.  In the middle rounds Thurman started to pull away with the fight and dropped Guerrero with a big shot in the 9th round.  Guerrero took his time getting up from the shot but once action was restored, he started attacking Thurman.

Guerrero said that he knew Thurman would be looking to finish him off and wanted to attack first. The Gilroy, Calif. native landed some good punches of his own to close the round but wasn't able to land the single big shot that he was looking for.

"I got to get this guy back man (laughing)," Guerrero told when asked what was going through his mind when he went down.  "He caught me with a good shot behind the head and he followed up and hit me with I think two more shots.  I went down quick.  I could have got up easy.  I wasn't really that hurt. That is why I went at him. It is one of those things that you know he is going to attack you and you try to land that shot right down the pipe but it never happened. He was on his game."

As far as his overall game plan, Guerrero said that he didn't use his jab enough.  He said that if he ever fought the power punching Thurman again, he would definitely throw a lot more jabs and not focus as much on power punches.

"My plan was to come out and just box him and work behind my jab.  I ended up abandoning my jab and was loading up.  I should have doubled and tripled up my jab but I didn't do that and that is when he started counter punching and hit me with that right hand and then some of those hooks,' said Guerrero.

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