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Golovkin's Coach Rips Canelo For Not Doing Promotional Share

By Michael Woods

Abel Sanchez is one of the busiest trainers in the sport. His stable is considerable and it is topped by the middleweight ace Gennady Golovkin, the Kazahk sportsman who is looking to show the boxing world that he, not Canelo Alvarez, is the current top dog at 160.

They battled it out for supremacy a year ago, and there was a speedbump you might have heard about which elongated the space between fight one and fight two, which unfolds for our viewing pleasure Sept. 15, in Las Vegas, and on PPV.

Once again, the sagacious tutor Abel Sanchez will be tasked with getting GGG in fighting trim, and cornering him on fight night, offering insights and counsel on how to best deal with the Mexican hitter who comes in under cover of a dark cloud.


The PED positive is not front and center in the mind of Team GGG, but it may actually be lingering as an issue, because the GGG people are a bit irked that Canelo, in their mind, isn’t doing his share of the heavy lifting to bolster the promotion, and make everyones’ checks fatter.

I asked Sanchez about how camp is going and to share his thoughts and opinions as we count down to Sept. 15.

“One week from sparring, working hard, busy camp, lots of press days, seems like GGG is the only one doing that,” Sanchez told me.

So the other guy isn’t doing his share?

“If you mean ‘Ginger,’ not sure, he is blaming it on Golden Boy, but it’s always been him making the decisions, the GB crew walks on rice paper around him, not to piss him off,” Sanchez continued.  “I don’t think he wants to face questions he doesn’t have intelligent answers for.”

The trainer and me digressed briefly down memory lane, and did a quickie 2 person poll, Ginger or Mary Anne? (Those born in 1980 or before likely know what I’m talking about.)


Abel said Canelo is acting like a “Ginger,” or, for those unaware, like a diva, a pampered diva.

That gamesmanship and gentle jabbing aside, Sanchez in fact spends most all his time actually running the camp, and plotting strategy and tactics and making sure GGG is peaking at the right time. He’s locking down four fighters for GGG to spar with now, and will maybe secure more, depending on how the mystery four work out.

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