By Ryan Burton

As previously reported on, former 108 pound kingpin Giovani Segura will still be fighting the day before Mexican Independence Day although his opponent has changed.  According to various reports on this site, Segura was set to face Pingo Miranda for the interm WBO flyweight title and the winner would face the full champion Brian Viloria in December.

Segura informed BoxingScene that the plans have changed and that he doesn't have an opponent secured for September 15th but that his opponent won't be Miranda.

"It is funny that when I was his (Miranda) mandatory he decided to fight Viloria instead and now (after he lost to Viloria) he decides he wants to fight me (laughing).  He wants everything to come to him easy," said Segura.

The fighter known as "El Guerrero Azteca" said that he still wants to face Miranda but that it will be on his terms. Segura plans on facing Viloria after his September fight and then he will look to face Miranda.

"I worked hard to get to the position I am in. I have no problem fighting him. He can get in line and I will fight him down the road," Segura informed BoxingScene.

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