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Frank Warren: I Want Tyson Fury To Get Mentally Fit

by Shaun Brown

Frank Warren wants Tyson Fury to get mentally fit as well as physically fit.

Saturday night in Manchester saw the return of the 'Gypsy King' after two and a half years out since his memorable win against Wladimir Klitschko in Dusseldorf.

November 28, 2015 transformed the life of Fury for good and bad, and for fans it was the last time they would see him fighting in a boxing ring until June 9, 2018. Multiple problems for Fury looked like ending a career before it had really began.

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The weekend's opponent Sefer Seferi offered little. Fury played around early doors before showing glimpses of what took him to heavyweight glory against Klitschko. Thirty-nine year old Seferi didn't come out fighting for round five having signalled enough was enough at the end of the fourth.

While the fight has been slated and mocked by members of the media as well as fans, Fury's promoter said they delivered what they said they would. And the message is clear: Rome in a day and all that.

"I want him to get some rounds. I want him to get mentally fit, get that bit of weight off so he's then training for a fight rather than training to get weight off," Warren told Boxing Scene.

Warren was disappointed in Seferi quitting on his stool but he was equally annoyed at those who brought up the comparison of opponents used for Fury's comeback to that of Muhammad Ali's. Ali, after over three years out of the sport for refusing to fight in the Vietnam war, came back and fought legitimate heavyweight contender Jerry Quarry in 1970. A fighter who would have no trouble with some of today's pack deemed worthy of a title shot.

While the debate is somewhat absurd, Warren had his say on those who chose to bring it up.

"Ali wasn't suicidal," said Warren referring to Fury's battle against his own mental health problems.

"Ali wasn't depressed, wasn't in therapy... although he had his problems. He didn't balloon up to the weight that Tyson did. For money, we could have thrown him in the deep end from day one but that's not what this is about.

"We delivered what we said we'd do. He had a warm-up fight and he'll have another warm-up fight (on August 18)."

Whoever the opponent is there will be derision. If it is less than that which covered the weekend it will mean that Fury's career is making progress. Who it won't be, however, is Manuel Charr. The WBA World champion - as opposed the WBA's Super champion Anthony Joshua - is Manuel Charr. The Lebanese born German based heavyweight will defend his title against Fres Oquendo on September 29 in Cologne.

"He (Charr) was supposed to be at ringside (on Saturday) but he couldn't get his visa in time!" Warren told 'Scene.

"I'd roll the dice with that fight. I would just do it but we can't."

Shaun Brown covers British boxing for Boxing Scene. Contact him on Twitter @sbrown2pt0