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Default Introduction: the UWBCAFO-I

I started this work in March/2007. Stands for United WBC WBA IBF WBO (dash) "the second echelon factor". I've got '2e' having value of approximately FIVE U.S.A. States.
If we revisit the delicate history of the development of the FIRST &MAJOR FOUR....I feel it backs my theory up on/ as far as where we are "drawing the line here". Bottom line I ask the question: ARE FOUR ORGANIZATIONS NEEDED? Answer is: No! [Thus.......we now "accept four". FIELD is FILLED. No need and no room for five groups (Ibo),or six (Wbf or Wbu take your choice!)groups, or 10 or 11 groups (Nba, Wbb, Ibc, Etc,?)//Look at "Lennox" new play, Lennox of BoxRec forum ----&, I used handle of Imran Sarwar at their forum---- who says he worked for Ibo 15 years and now has a Pbo -UP- but....guys reasoning is "odd"/though/he has his Pbo on a "neutral" gear.....only thing they are doing last I checked is: rank fighters and recognize lineral champions. I "tried" to get the guy to see the ryme-of-the-reason to bring them into the UWBCAFO-I and be first to take up '2e' status.........]
The UWBCAFO-I is a -Advocation- for the '1e' and designed as a goverance for and OF the '2e'.
We cover the men's league only. [No call on women's goverance. Not yet at least. **I am unlearned/unexperienced on that side of the Sport....."No confidence"]//We cover world championship boxing only.
A authentic '2e' production will advertise the matter clearly. "Second Echelon world championship". Our first rule-of-thumb is that the echelons do NOT mix! [Gennady Golovkin is in "clear violation" there//AS WAS Wlad.Klitschko for seven years. CLEARLY A LACK OF GUTS;& LEADERSHIP on the part of the FIRST &MAJOR FOUR ~those~ who "allowed" this to happen!]
We are ALL FOR IT, the '2e'. It is nearly like "league boxing". But, come on GUYS......lets have "truth in advertising".
The damage done by the expanding/ unchecked GOVERANCE of the SPORT is reflected by the General media. Boxing has always been a "name game". The media has basically SHUT DOWN to the Sport. Can we mend? I feel that the UWBCAFO-I is the first step.
We also hold one rule concerning weights. Only the 'C' class do we touch. Being a "50 years" fan of boxing I well know how it -works-//
HVY.wt div is leader. & we have a very rich history there. Take her before and after John L. Sullivan. Look at Roby Fitzsimmons. "Amazing character". Look at James J. Jeffries! Guy is a "great!" Look at Jack Johnson. WAY AHEAD OF HIS TIME! Look at the history since "time began". But since the Ali era boxing becomes harder and harder to follow history. Still, we must give each claim it's just due. Jimmy Ellis was "truly" a world HVY.-wt champion. Greg Page was truly champion. Tony Tubbs was truly a champion. Today, we see: TYSON FURY, WBA & WBO & Ring magazine; DEONTAY WILDER, WBC; ANTHONY JOSHUA, IBF. In the -wings- WLADIMIR KLISCHKO; ALEXANDER POVETKIN; DAVID HAYE; [Pulevuu "what-ever-his-name....."I am "gassed" WHY some think he is "special"????? Special what?]. Contenders looking strong include LUCAS BROWNE, (1); and ("shadow yet.......") LUIS ORTIZ -WAIT- I have to "check my dpelling"! : )///-HVY.-wt. division right now LOOKING COMFORTABLE! [We expect TYSON FURY TO RETIRE FOLLOWING THE WLAD. -REMATCH- what....I "guess" it makes SENSE! HE IS SET-UP FOR LIFE! $$$$$$/$$$$ & that IS what it's about sometimes! Guy is probably "smart enough"to NOT make the same mistakes that some OTHERS have made with their"money"/GOOD GOD!]
We have Dq the 'C' weight since the inception of my organization. So....the true UWBCAFO-I sponsorship WILL NOT showcase -any- 'C' weight completions. OR, we are "fixing" the weight. 195/190 champions choice. 190/ all VACS.
We DO NOT so much as "reference" for introduction 'C' weight UNLESS it is for the past settings. For instance: AL COLE will be a TRUE EX WORLD CHAMPION.
UWBCAFO-I -does not- "charge" hardly anything per the SHOW [$3.00 each boxer active on whole show = $6.00 a fight//"plead poor"/we --dash-- the $6.00 good God! : ).......]
but.....we'll fine infractions "real good" + work on **correction!
Yup..I have approached some of the different groups. Not so much the FIRST &major FOUR....but.. the Ibo ("Generally"/can't give you a 'name') & the Wbf. At Wbf, "Moose" my contact. But....he ISN'T engaging. They all want to be "King of the Hill!"
At the "sure Expense" of the Sport at large.
You ever read the Rinaldi brothers boxing pub? These GUYS are such diehards and LOVE BOXING to the SKY! They -always- compare it to the Other main-stream Sports. Baseball, Football, Hocky (they play Hocky in the United States now??). "Golf"! [Golf! "Right!" Like that is a SPORT! "Pastime" maybe!][Baseball is one... "Healthy Sport!" & -pastime!- : )///
Football.....honestly, I LOVED FOOTBALL >LOT BETTER< than "any Boxing....." are talking as a PLAYER not as the FAN! : )/I ever EXH. May-Tag-weather might use some FOOTBALL TACTICS simply tackle him! "Just kidding!" MAY! Reach Starling you reach me....need your "help" in my bus-case "mini-war"! Don't want to have to shoot anyone!
: ( : ) "May-day, May-day" we are going down fast! FIGHT GAY MARRIAGE. We are going "down" fast! Need new president! & Vp! : )]
Ex- Boxer of the BOXER-OXER LEAGUE! John Wilkinson, 52 Fights in record. Founder Central CT. State U. Boxing program 1980 - 92, "many awards".
Ready to answer questions.

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introduction:, uwbcafo-i

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