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Originally Posted by ddangerous View Post
LOL at you telling me to "get real". I am not some irrational boxing fan that loves one boxer obsessively and unconditionally. I love both Pacquiao and JMM. They are two of the best champions of the past decade. But they BOTH are.

I love how you go on and on about how Marquez clearly and obviously won the first three fights, and then make the statement you made in bold. Three knockdowns equals a 10-6 round, and Manny lost the fight because one judge erroneously scored it a 10-7, causing the first match to end in a draw.

The fourth fight was the FIRST MATCH WITH A DECISIVE VICTORY for either guy, and it was JMM because he knocked Pacquiao out cold. You are delusional though acting as if Marquez has always dominated the series, considering the first three fights were all close, and Marquez was getting was he was dishing up until the KO. GTFOH with all that ****.

The funny thing is, Marquez himself would agree with me. LOL at 'get real'.
Well, you might be a fan of both fighters equally, but that does not mean you have a knowledgeable well-balanced perspective.

"Manny lost the fight because one judge erroneously scored it a 10-7 "

Rubbish !

That is just the convenient pac-fanboy perspective of that fight.

1.) The judge who made the scoring error in round 1 also scored round 4 for Pacquiao, that round was CLEARLY won by Marquez. So if we are going to "tidy-up" some errors using he benefit of hindsight, then lets clear up that gaff at the same time.

2.) While we're at it, lets clear up another gaff..... Pacquiao should have been deducted a point for hitting Marquez while he was on the deck..... fighters have been disqualified for that

3.) Marquez won that fight by more than 1 point, so the scoring error did not affect the result

4.) That fight was even by about round 7, so the knockdown's did not determine who won that fight..... if Marquez lost the fight it was because he failed to close the show..... well, he did not fail to close the show, so looking back to the first round is irrelevant in a fight that was even just after the half-way point. A fight develops, so when it became even in terms of points, it is what occurred after that point in time that determined the outcome.

Either way, that was choke of the century. No points for figuring out who the better fighter was.

" Pacquiao got a boxing lesson "
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