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Default Ok, Mares won the fight but low blows, cheap shots & head leading....

are not boxing!

Originally Posted by Mr. Fantastic View Post
Why are Cotto stans complaining about low blows? LMAO!! Where do you think the signature low blow came from? It's tied to PR boxers.
Image View Removed. Please Click Here.
I guess illegal hand wraps too, huh? GTFOH......

Originally Posted by rey guey View Post
low blows, kidney shots, push downs and BS scorecards. Golden Boy took ZERO chances.

I really hope Mares fight Nonito, because none of his BS would work when Nonito catches him with that left hook, then it's goodnight.
And I don't even like Donaire, but I would love to see it happen.....

Originally Posted by chargerhemi06 View Post
Omg! Sloppy sloppy sloppy! What a pathetic fight...especially mares. I dont even consider him a boxer. He look like a little kid fighting his big brother because he pulled his pants down.
That was spot-on - with his head down, throwing blows.....

Originally Posted by El Gallo Negro! View Post
Mares, top ten pfp. He's beat Perez, Darchinyan, Akbeko, Morel and Moreno. Now wants Nonito. Top 10 without a doubt.
Originally Posted by Cuban Linx View Post
Caiz: "It's okay Abner I got this"
Exactly - the ref needs to be glassed, Del Boy style.......

Originally Posted by vacon04 View Post
I don't know how people keep complaining, yeah, the scorecards were shit, especially the 120 - 106, but I thought Mares clearly won, maybe 115-111.
You "don't know how"? That shows you don't know nothing......

Originally Posted by Johnny_Roa View Post
Image View Removed. Please Click Here.
This BS right here....

Originally Posted by MANIAC310 View Post
great scores by the judges and good call by the ref.

I lost respect for Moreno the running was ridiculous

You're an idiot - it's been confirmed.....

Originally Posted by Mr. Fantastic View Post
Why are PRs talking about dirty tactics when Tito and Cotto themselves admitted to doing it? Pathetic you only see a one way street cause of a flag. SMH!
Psst...not only PR's have a beef with it - wake up....

Originally Posted by Cleto_Reyes View Post
i wonder if the ones hating on Mares are the people that predicted Moreno was going to give Mares a boxing lesson.
People can't speak on 120-106 and deliberate low blows & kidney punches without it being called "hate"? That's one of the most ignorant posts I've ever read......

Originally Posted by apunchnotseen View Post
i got no problem with Mares style, theres two ways to deal with, push head down, or uppercut. Anyone who throws a volume of body shots always have issues with low blows, the refs just have to call him on it, calling him a dirty fighter is wrong. Agbeko,Vic and Moreno are all far from saints and **** me this isnt figure skating.
Utter BS! Who let you post? And from when did you start watching boxing - from this last fight? GTFOH......

Originally Posted by Mr. Fantastic View Post
Throw punches while I'm pulling your head down and see what happens. You think you're going to hit me in the face with those punches you're throwing? NOT!!
Yeah, Mares coming straight in like a damn toro 6ft from Moreno - I guess Moreno was holding his head from that distance too, right? Eat a fat one......

Originally Posted by Mr. Fantastic View Post
When it's midsection?
Image View Removed. Please Click Here.
You ain't fooling no one smart over that.

As far as back is turned I've only seen it once and in this fight due to Moreno turning.

How many pressure fighters don't fight like that?
What do you mean, how many pressure fighters fight dirty? GTFOH.....

Originally Posted by cabalas View Post
Why some people are biased and can't see the whole picture? If somebody is going to complain about low blows then Moreno was also hitting Mares consistently below the waist (in fact both were very even in that as you could appreciate replaying the fight without being biased). How many of those blow of both boxers were intentional is difficult to say. Mares was pursuing and attacking relentlessly Moreno and the Panama native many times was using his hands and arms to put Mares' head down (that also contributes to get low blows). The referee warned Chemo few times and finally in the 11th round a point was deducted to Moreno for continuing doing it. In the knock down, there was certainly a punch and I believed that Chemo tried to hug the lower body of Mares but all his momentum couldn't avoid the fall. Mares won beyond the KD and point deduction on the basis of punch volume (total punches) and power punches. Abner was more active, has the determination and hunger to win although I would never agree with the *stupid* score of 120-106 but I would say to the whiners and haters to stop crying.
Stop acting as if you're a lawyer - Mares has a history of low blows, whereas Moreno does not. And for people to speak out on the fix (120-106) being in is not crying - if you can't see that that was the case, you should never watch a fight again.....

Originally Posted by apunchnotseen View Post
I"m curious. if your Mares trainer, do you tell him stop going to the body? or do you ask for more of the same? The thing is in boxing the ref decides who is bending the rules not the keyboard warriors. Tito was as dirty as they come, ask him what went through his mind when david reid floored him,or when vargas had him in trouble. It wasnt clinch or run, it was fist-balls. yet Tito is loved by millions.
No, you tell him to stop going for the nuts or better yet, keep it clean, dumb fcuk.....

Originally Posted by -PANDA- View Post
its funny to see mares getting the same criticism ward got when he started fighting top 5 opposition...

the reality is mares keeps improving and piling up quality wins

for a boxer with his age and professional experience he's defied the odds again by beating a fighter most rated top 10 p4p

it was close...but clear
Ward & Mares in the same sentence? You should have stopped right there. You don't hear low blows associated with Ward......
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