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Default Black Ops: Zombies: Ascension

If anyone is having a hard time getting the later rounds with 4 players - I have created a strategy guide on how to get there. Let me know if you are interested...
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Join Date: May 2010
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cnote111 will become famous soon enoughcnote111 will become famous soon enough
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I went ahead and added some stuff last night.. Tweeked it a bit.. I'm sure i'll do it again..

Here it is... Enjoy!!

Let me know what level you get to (4 players)

The Ultimate Zombies: Ascension Strategy Guide (4 Players)

Rounds 1-5
- Hold first room (1 each window)
- When over run move to the room downstairs (MPL)
- Everyone buys the MPL or PM63
o The reason why is because you will have to be able to hold these 2 rooms until everyone has enough pts to move on. Don’t get ****y because if the jug room is lost the strategy will be scrapped.

Rounds 5-10 or until each player has a minimum of 5000 pts which can happen by RD 7 or less
- Do NOT open the door above the Juggernog (Details on why explained later)
- 2 Players hold the windows in the Juggernog Room
- 2 Players hold the MPL room
o 1 player holds the window
o 1 player guards the entrance (needs to be the best player)
o Do not stand too close to the entrance of the starting room otherwise the zombies will spawn unevenly
o Feel free to rotate this position to spread out the points – Just make sure the player is good enough to do so.

Reaching 5000+pts for each Player – LEAVE A CRAWLER
- Once again I repeat DO NOT open the door above Juggernog
- Travel through the door upstairs in the starting room to the outside area
- Take Turns opening the doors to the Power Room
- Turn the Power On and Everyone should be able to hit the Box multiple times if necessary.
- Once the power is ON – at least one player needs to go back and buy Juggernog so the Monkey Rounds will start as soon as possible. Make sure you travel through the Starting Room
- There is no need to buy any other Perks at this moment in time.
- Everyone then Heads to Lander A (PHD Flopper)
o 1 Player guards the window upstairs – Also gives support when necessary
o 2 Players guards the primary stairwell (Best two Weapons)
o 1 Player guards the PHD Flopper Hallway – Also gives support when necessary.
- Call in the Lander
- Hold this position until the 1st Monkey Round

1st Monkey Round - The only perk that should be available is Jug
- Since we left that top door closed, they can only travel one way (Huge advantage)
- Have at least 1-2 players take the Lander to the starting room
- Other players will travel on foot to the starting room. Just in case you see monkeys along the way.
- Should be able to defend off the monkeys from the MPL room or near Quick Revive.
- This strategy should allow an easy Extra Perk from the monkeys.
- Everyone Buys Juggernog and Quick Revive if not already purchased during the earlier rounds. Because these will be the easiest to defend in the later monkey rounds.
- At the end of the monkey round – Hold the Lander from the starting room as long as you can and when you are overwhelmed it will carry you back to the PHD flopper area.

1st Zombie Round following the 1st Monkey Wave
- Hold Starting Lander as described previously above
- Travel to back to Lander A and defend accordingly - This also depends on current weapon set ups.
o There are various ways to defend Lander A – Find one that suites your teams play style
o 2 players can use Flopper over and over as well alternating turns while the other covers him if it fails.
- Time to leave a crawler
- Once you have left a crawler, feel free to hit the box, open all doors aside from the door above the Jug, and ride all Landers to open the pack a punch.
- Try to leave a crawler after each round you want to make some changes otherwise feel free to start the next round.

All consecutive Zombie rounds – W/ the Jug Door Closed
- From this point on you will begin each round defending Lander A
o Except after a Monkey Round
- If things become difficult ride the Lander back to the starting room
- All 4 players will head upstairs to the juggernog room
o 2 players will defend the top of the stairs
o 2 players will defend the windows
- If the room is lost head upstairs to the closed door and defend this position as long as you possible can. Hopefully to end of the round
o If you last to the end of the round without opening the door, hold the Lander in the starting room as long as you can then take it back to Lander A when overwhelmed..
o If you cannot hold off the hoard with your back up against the door above Jug, then open it and head back to Lander A on foot.
o Don’t forget to call in the Lander when you get there.

All consecutive Zombie rounds w/ the Jug Door Open
- Defend Lander A
- Take Lander to starting room when over run
- Run through Jug room, buy it if necessary
- Only kill the zombies that are in your path, try not to kill the ones behind you until you have reached your destination so they do not spawn in front of you.
o Option 1: Head back to Lander A – call in Lander – Rinse and Repeat
o Option 2: Head up to Lander B (Sickle/Speed Cola) – Call in Lander
 When over run take Lander back to starting room
 Travel upstairs to the outside to Lander A or Lander C
• – Not through the Jug room.

Consecutive Monkey Rounds – W/ Jug Door Closed
- Try to have at least 1 player take the Lander and everyone else goes on foot to the Quick Revive
- Do not attempt to guard any other perk machines in the later rounds aside from Quick Revive and Juggernog
- Quick Revive and Juggernog together costs 4000 pts and are very easily defended with 4 players
- All other perks can be bought afterwards
- When the Monkey round is complete all players take the Lander which will carry to your last known position. (Typically Lander A)

Consecutive Monkey Rounds – W/ Jug Door Open
- it would be safe to assume if the jug door is open you are well into the 20s or possible 30s
- The Monkeys will be extremely difficult to kill
- Stay together in groups of 2 and do not attempt to defend various perk machines solo. Try to have at least one guy with a ray gun on each team of 2 or all 4 can defend the Jug Room.
- Don’t forget to have someone take the Lander to the starting room
- 2 people guard the MPL room, Quick Revive, or Top of the steps in Jug Room
- 2 people guard the Room above Juggernog or the bottom of the steps in Jug Room.
- When the Monkey round is complete, Everyone defends the Lander until over run – should take you to your last known position (Most likely Lander A)

Various Tips:

2. Monkeys are most damaged by Energy Weapons
a. Ray Gun
3. Monkeys Throw Frags back at you
4. Monkeys can NOT throw the dolls back – Very Damaging to the monkeys
5. When the monkeys jump to shoot nova gas, if you jump at the same time the nova stomp does not hurt you.
6. Don’t be afraid to use your Gersche Devices and Claymores during Monkey Rounds – You’ll get them back
7. Throw claymores all over in front of the Jug just in case the Monkeys get by.
8. Upgraded Ballistic Knifes w/ the Sickle is the Ultimate Window Defense – Saves tons of ammo and the zombies will not get through your window I guarantee it!
9. If everyone runs out of ammo and has plenty of money, try and leave a crawler head back to the box exchange your empty weapons for whatever, then you can keep trying and very well get the same gun you gave up and then punch it.
10. PHD Flopper Prevents ALL Explosive Damage – Works wonders with Mustang and Sally (My personal Fav.)
11. Don’t Shoot during a Gersche – Conserve Ammo – Use the sickle as much as possible because it seems to be impossible to get Max Ammo when you get to round 25+
12. When a teammate is down try to only use one Gersche – Communicate so you don’t accidentally toss 2 of them.

BEST WEAPON AND PERK SET UPS – IMO – If you need reasoning let me know. – This set up also allows you to pull of the Power Node Easter Egg. (available upon request)

Based on Lander A Defense Strategy:
1. Top Window – Ballistic/Sickle Upgraded – Thunder gun – Gersche
a. Juggernog – Staminup – Flopper – Speed Cola
2. PHD Flopper Hallway – HK Upgraded – RPK Upgraded – Gersche - Sickle
a. Juggernog – Staminup – Quick Revive – Speed Cola
3. Frontline – Ray Gun Upgraded – Mustang and Sally – Gersche - Sickle
a. Juggernog – Staminup/Speed Cola – Quick Revive - Flopper
4. Frontline – Ray Gun Upgraded – Crossbow upgraded – Gersche - Sickle
a. Juggernog – Staminup/Speed Cola – Quick Revive - Flopper

Feel free to reply with more tips to add to this list – Too many to name!!!
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