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Default MMA is not the equal to boxing....

a wrestling match would be the equivalent of a boxing match between Toney vs Couture. MMA allows both of them to bring their skillset and try to take the other one out. Wrestling and boxing both take away each fighters strengths. In MMA, the other fighter take your skill away, which is what Couture did.

and MMA guys also all train with boxers to improve. none of them think they are top boxers. they just know they are better at their sport and boxers are better at what they do. just like they train with olympic wrestlers but they dont fantasize themselves as being the best in that sport, although it is definitely without a doubt the best background to come from when entering mma. its also a reason MMA can be boring, alot of wrestlers play for points, like much of the boxers do these days.

I am loyal to boxing/bjj. ive won all my fights with submission, and have competed as in the novice and open division at boxing tournaments through my teenage years and early 20s. same as bjj.

btw guys the best boxer doesnt always transition the best to MMA. obviously any of them with a wrestling background will do much better than a Floyd Mayweather or whatever.

as far as the gay comments go, if that makes you feel better about having someone be able to pin u down and slap u across the face without being able to do a damn thing about it, then so be it. i could say well boxing with the big gloves and the boring fights are gay. specially with the even more so than mma restricted rules, but then again i have sparred with national amateur champs, lower level pro's(ones with amateur backgrounds not the truck drivers that are allowed into boxing AND MMA without much restriction). anyways im not that stupid. too bad alot of you are. alot of us hate the tapout/affliction/clothing fad and all the huntington beach freaks that seem to be what people think of. the sport/skills itself are legit, and very real.
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