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Default Roger and Ellerbe after Round 2, Floyd Jr and Sr

A couple of quick thoughts on the whole dynamic. 1st off Roger & Ellerbe were funny as hell at the end of that round. They was basically like, [email protected] are you crazy? Dont go toe to toe with this Motha****a when you can easily outbox his ass. They was nervous & scared as hell. The funny thing is that Floyd had a look on his face like **** what yall saying. I think Floyd thought even though he was hurt, he still finished that round off strong and could impose himself on Shane the rest of the way.

That brings me to Senior. We keep hearing these comments about Senior talking about taking over if Roger goes to jail but it almost sounds like he wants him to go just so he can be the head trainer. Seriously though, I think Senior is starting to have a huge impact in camp. Its so weird to me because it was widely known back in the day and people even still say it now that Senior is the defensive guy and Roger is the Offensive risk taker. However, it seems like now Senior is talking non stop about Offensive stuff if you hear him talk and Roger is always talking about moving & boxing.

The thing that has me liking Senior though is that in the JMM fight Floyd brought the jab back and it was great again tonight. Still after that fight Senior seemed almost dissapointed that Floyd wasnt more aggressive and said that it was only due to rust and next time Floyd will let his hands go more. Its like he's the one telling Floyd to step it up. Not only that but I missed the final 24/7 and actually didnt watch it until after the fight tonight. What really stood out to me is when they showed Floyd on the heavy bag. He was real close to it and throwing straight rights over & over and then some combos.

Then Senior is right beside him saying there you go. Thats where you need to be all night. Its like he was setting the game plan and telling Floyd to stand right in front of him and take it to him. Then you go back to what Senior said on the other 24/7 about Shane being jittery and Floyd just popping him. Thats why I think he came up with that game plan to stay close. He felt that Floyd could always beat him to the punch and outbox him while snapping his head back while Shane is being jittery and trying to set something up. All that **** came true perfectly. The funny thing is that when Sr said that by the bag, Roger had a funny look on his face like he wasnt really comfortable with that plan and he wanted Floyd to move.

Then when Shane hurt him in the 2nd and Roger got upset, its like he wanted to say "dont ****in listen to your dad and stand in front of this motha****a. If you box & move then you win". What made it even more funnier is that Floyd fought the same way all fight long but after each round Roger would say "see, thats all you have to do is box him", like Floyd was listening to him & doing something different or not standing toe to toe anymore. Whats also a little weird is that Floyd seems to always thank his father 1st now as his trainer and then Roger, like Senior is doing more than people think.

Seriously though, I think the whole team is working good together even if they arent agreeing on everything. They all bring something different to the table and lil Floyd looks so on his game right now.

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