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Default Cotto Will Go To NY To Support Juanma and Negotiate His Next Fight

Miguel Cotto will go to the 'Juanma' fight and negotiate with Bob Arum

Miguel Cotto will go to New York to see the Juan Manuel Lopez and support him .


May be a business and leisure travel.

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Former bidivisional champion Miguel Cotto travels to the Big Apple next week to see the fight of his countryman, Juan Manuel Lopez vs Steve Luevano, Jan. 27 at Madison Square Garden, said yesterday the company promoter of Cotto and Lopez, Top Rank.

"They expressed interest in coming to support 'Juanma', and Bob (Arum, Top Rank president) invited them," said the official release yesterday of the promoting company, Ricardo Jimenez. "We have confirmed attendance.

Both Cotto and Top Rank said that at the beginning of 2010 would sit and talk over the last year of Miguel Cotto as a professional boxer.

The meeting was postponed following the sudden death of the boxer's father Cotto Miguel Carrasquillo, the week before.

It is expected that during his trip to New York, Cotto and Arum will dialogue about his next bout, set for the weekend of the Puerto Rican Day Parade in June.

El Nuevo Dia learned that the parties are inclined to meet with the Belarusian resident in New York, Yuri Foreman, who in November took the junior middleweight title of World Boxing Association of Puerto Rican Daniel Santos.

Jimenez, however, indicated that there is nothing official about the Foreman-Cotto fight, that would give an opportunity to become champion in three divisions to the puertorrican.

"Right now Bob is focused on Clottey fight Pacquiao and, that of 'Juanma', and in launching a new boxing series on Fox Sports in Spanish," Jimenez said. "I do not think it has had time to talk about that fight."

Foreman was mentioned as a possible foe the evening of March 13 that would star Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. But once that was ruled out, Belarusian has not been included as part of the new card between the phillipino and the ganian, scheduled for the same date, but against Joshua Clottey and Dallas, Texas.

Jimenez added that Pacquiao and Clottey will participate in a Wednesday press conference Jan. 20 in New York, taking advantage of boxing journalists from covering the city will be in combat 'Juanma'.

Therefore, Top Rank moved the last conference of the Luevano fight Lopez for Thursday 21 January.
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