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Default 2004 World San Da Championships

King of San Da USA ( in cooperation with the United States Kickboxing Association ( proudly presents the 2004 WORLD AMATEUR SAN DA CHAMPIONSHIPS on September 4-5, 2004 in Elizabeth NJ, United States of America (USA). As this is Labor Day Weekend in America, a three day holiday, this will afford most guests the opportunity to visit New York City and other places on Monday, September 6th.

Presently we have been contacted by teams from 15 different states in the US and by over 40 international teams representing 28 nations. Thus, we expect this to be one of the largest San Da events ever and certainly the largest event ever to be held in the United States. Presently, we are pleased to annouce that both Fairtex Gear and Viper Fight Wear are sponsoring this event. We welcome other interested sponsors.

Registration forms are now available online at

Hotel information:
Country Inn
100 Glimcher Realty Way
Elizabeth NJ

1/2 mile from RexPlex Sports Complex

More info on the hotel can be found at

We are currently working on the travel and tourism aspect of our tournament. The venue was chosen for its close proximity to New York City (20 minutes), Atlantic City (90 minutes), Newark Airport (5 minutes) and many additional places of interest.

Travel information

From the airport:
Newark International Airport is across the NJ Turnpike from the event site. Take either a taxi (5 minutes) or the New Jersey Transit #62 bus to Ikea.

From NY and NJ area
The New Jersey #111 bus from the Port Authority on West 42nd Street stops in front of Ikea/RexPlex. Call 212-564-8484 for schedule.

Driving directions can be found at

We will be using King of San Da: USA rules at this event. Punching, kicking, KNEE STRIKES, throws and takedowns are all legal.

Complete rules can be found at

This is a summary of the rules

Required protective equipment:
- Shorts are MANDATORY in ALL matches. No long pants.
- All athletes in all competitions must provide and wear a groin protector and fitted mouth piece/gum shield. Groin protector must be worn under the shorts.
- Wearing of headgear is MANDATORY
- USKBA will supply boxing gloves
- If the athlete weights 65 kg or less, their gloves shall be 12 ounces. If the athlete weights more than 65 kg, their gloves shall be 14 ounces
- Shin and instep protection is MANDATORY in amateur competition. The padding must cover the shin and the top of the foot.
- Chest guard will NOT be used in this event

Legal techniques
(1) Legal punching techniques include all boxing techniques and spinning back fist strikes. A spinning backhand must strike with the glove portion of the hand.

(2) Legal kicking techniques include any kick to any legal target including the head, torso, outside of the thighs, inside of the thighs, and calves. Either kicks or sweeping motions with the arch of the foot are legal to both the front and supporting legs. In San Da matches, knees are legal to any area below the collar bone

(3) Clinching is allowed to seek advantage. However, the clinch is limited to FIVE (5) seconds. Kicking the legs in the clinch and/or punching out of the clinch is legal. After five seconds, the referee will break the clinch and restart the fighters. Throws and takedowns completed after the 5 second period will not be considered by judges.

(4) Competitors are allowed to use throw or takedown

(5) Competitors are allowed to catch kicks. Once caught, the fighter has 5 seconds to sweep, throw or takedown their opponent. Competitors may drive (“plow”) their opponent during this five second period. The drive can not be used to throw the opponent out of the ring. Attempts to push, throw or otherwise forcing your opponent out of the ring is a serious FOUL.

Any questions on tournament and rules should be directed to [email protected]
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