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PBF definitely is not a fighter that can claim to be greater than the Sugar. However, he has the skills to be as good. They will never allow fighters these days to fight the number of fights per year or rounds per fight as they did in the past. So PBF nor any current fighter from an endurance standpoint can ever live up to the fighters of the past. So stop trying to make comparisons. I don’t think Mayweather is scare to fight anyone. As a matter of fact, he will beat Cotto easily. Yes Cotto has power but you have to have something to hit. I actually believe Zab Judah should ask for a rematch with Cotto, because he had Cotto hurt a couple of times in the first few rounds. He probably would have faded, but he really faded after the low blows. Mayweather is too quick and slick of a boxer for a puncher like Cotto to win. Cotto is a good fighter, but not good enough to beat PBF.

De La Hoya has been on a magic carpet ride since he won the Olympics. He was the “choosen” one. However, they hand picked fights for him for years until fans got tired of the low quality opponents. When he started fighting opponents that were in his class he started losing. He lost fights he should have won (Trinadad) and won fights he should have loss (Whitiker). Nontheless, he has been the gentlemen and most popular fighter in the ring and this alone has won close fights for him. I still can’t see how he should have a statue erected for him—what has he really done in the ring that warrants that? He’s basically washed up now so he can never gain that status in my opinion. Cotto, Mayweather, and Pacquiao are in position to set their place in history if they take on all comers. Cotto and Pacman are doing this. Once Mayweather makes up his mind that he wants to go out with his legacy in tact, then he needs to beat them all—Cotto, Margarito, Williams, and possibly Quintana. Then he can retire. Fighters don’t earn respect because of an undefeated record. Look at Gatti. The fans love him. PBF can make money as a promoter. Right now he needs to solidify his legacy and we all know there’s only one way to do it. Fight and beat the best fighters out there. I think he can do it!
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The De La Hoya Whittaker fight was close but imo De La Hoya won.

I agree with you on Ray Robinson. He had twoce as many KOs as most active fighters have fights!
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