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For those who want to take their training to the next level check out [Link View Has Been Removed. Click Here To Unlock This Content.]

Virtual Martial Arts Academy is the most comprehensive mixed martial arts website today. Whether your looking for pure self-defense, fitness and conditioning, or to compete as an elite athlete in mixed martial arts competition covers all the basics.

At Virtual Martial Arts Academy you will be trained to be a complete martial artist learning striking, grappling and weapons training.

Virtual Martial Arts Academy was created by Master Eddie Camden of [Link View Has Been Removed. Click Here To Unlock This Content.], He holds multiple instructor ranks and six different black belts, including a Black Belt in Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, under some of the most highly regarded martial arts instructors in the world, including Sifu Francis Fong, Guru Dan Inosanto, and Professor Pedro Sauer. The Tiger Academy’s programs are unified under Sifu Camden, whose background includes extensive training in: Wing Chun, Kali, Muay Thai, Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Jeet Kune Do.

Master Eddie Camden is an internationally recognized martial arts expert. He has worked with numerous law enforcement and military units including the DEA, FBI, Secret Service, Ranger Battalion, and members of the U.S. Navy Seal Team. Mr. Camden is considered by many martial arts instructors to be one of the most well rounded martial artists in the world. He is known for his no-nonsense approach to martial arts and teaches people from all walks of life and all experience levels. In fact, many instructors and school owners have continued their training with Mr. Camden and the Tiger Academy of Martial Arts.

Master Camden is unique in the martial arts community due his expertise in striking, grappling, and weapons usage. For many years Mr. Camden was a professional no-holds-barred referee. Having reffed over 500 matches has given him a unique opportunity to observe and evaluate impartially what techniques work and what techniques do not. It is this experience that makes the academy programs so efficient.

As an instructor at [Link View Has Been Removed. Click Here To Unlock This Content.] I find his new website to be very helpful. Each technique and strategy at is shown in great detail. He covers how to do the move, what mistakes not to make, the purpose of each move, and in which circumstance you would apply the move. This is the future of mixed martial arts training for the 21st century.

Sean Haley,
President of [Link View Has Been Removed. Click Here To Unlock This Content.]
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