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Originally Posted by Hype Job View Post
***** me what a drop!

But it's still significantly higher than EU immigration, for all of the 7 years they've been harping on about bringing it down to the tens of thousands.

There's no excuse for not controlling non-EU migration, it's controllable whether we're in or out of the EU. They're bulls*itting you.

Also I like how you've omitted the figures from 2014 onwards showing an upward trend. It was 300,000 + in 2014 and 2015, and 248,000 last year. Non-EU immigration in all instances was higher, again no excuse.
I didn't omit anything, it was the only graph I could find at short-notice. You can see the initial downward curve same as I do.

In terms of the numbers going up again, May explained in her (then) controversial anti-immigration speech in 2015:

The experience of the last five years is that where the Government has the political will to reduce immigration, it can do so. We rooted out abuse of the student visa system, and the numbers went down. We reformed family visas, and the numbers went down. We capped economic migration from outside the EU, and – despite the growing economy – the numbers remained stable. Overall, after my first two years as Home Secretary, net migration – which had reached 320,000 in 2005 – fell to 154,000.

Since then, however, the numbers have doubled once more. One of the reasons is student visas. And let me be clear about students.

We welcome students coming to study. But the fact is, too many of them are not returning home as soon as their visa runs out. If they have a graduate job, that is fine. If not, they must return home. So I don’t care what the university lobbyists say: the rules must be enforced. Students, yes; over-stayers, no. And the universities must make this happen.

Another reason is European migration. For years, net migration from within the EU was balanced. The number of people coming to the UK was matched by the number of Brits and Europeans moving to other EU countries. In recent years, the figures have become badly unbalanced – partly because our growing economy is creating huge numbers of jobs.

The numbers coming from Europe are unsustainable and the rules have to change.
The Lib Dems & Labour want student numbers taken out of the immigration figures and May could have done that to falsify a drop in immigration but she didn't because she knows the damage student overstayers are doing to public infrastructure and housing.

That Government was a friend of big business Cameron Government (+ Lib Dem coalition for half that time). May wasn't in complete control, if you know her history she's actually anti-immigration nut, she actually sent "go home" vans around the country
Image View Removed. Please Click Here.
She has also frozen out big business, they're pissed because they're not influencing Government policy any more, particularly on Brexit.

Image View Removed. Please Click Here.

Immigration is also the reason May has pulled out of the Single Market, Germany are insisting that being a member of the single market includes free movement of European amongst member states. Instead we're seeking access to the single market without membership, Canada-style, control of immigration becomes ours, not theirs.

Corbyn is currently preaching soft brexit which would maintain their right to come here unaffected.

On Davis, has to say that to keep the EU sweet as he tries to negotiate a free trade agreement.

Look man, go ahead vote for one worlder Corbyn with all the rest of the anti-British pro-Remain Londoners, just don't say immigration is the reasoning for it because Mr Hamas would like nothing more than to open the doors at Dover and have his army of cunts march in, they'd be future Corbyn voters after all.

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