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Originally Posted by markther View Post
Your banned because you say racist stuff like, “This is a true ghetto sewer rat just like his fanbase. With that being said, I have a few Mexican jokes for you. LMAO!!!

Q: Why can't Mexicans play Uno?
A: They always steal the green cards.

Q: What is the difference between a Mexican and a book?
A: A book has papers!

Q: Why don't Mexicans have barbeques?
A: The beans would keep slipping through the grill.

Q: What do you call a bunch of Mexicans in a mosh pit?
A: A bean dip.

Q: How do you get the little black kids to stop jumping on the bed?
A: Put Velcro on the ceiling. How do you get them down? Tell the Mexican kids it's a piñata.
They are funny. I will not report you like a sewer ghetto sewer rat!!! Haha!! That phrase seems to strike a nerve.
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