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Originally Posted by Clegg View Post
Multiple people replied and quoted you. You must have missed my post and all the others
Image View Removed. Please Click Here.

What's wrong with it is that some see it as part of a pattern of delaying and time wasting from the AJ side. You can make a thread on each delay being uniquely justified but eventually have to accept that the time adds up. Because Hearn ended negotiations saying 'we ran out of time, Povetkin mandatory ordered now' the time wasted by AJ changing his mind matters.

You got 2 possible ways of looking at it. If you're considering if AJ wanted to waste time so the fight couldn't get made, him offering a low flat fee, then requesting a high fee to go to US, then saying he wants it in the UK certainly worked well. Second way of seeing it is that AJ really wanted to make the fight and did his honest best, but even that you still have to admit that changing his mind one way and then the other might have been the reason Hearn/Wilder's side ran out of time to close the deal.

So either way, yeah he's allowed to change his mind but when the consequence of that is running out of time to make the fight happen, of course there will be a lot of fans criticising.
The negotiations didn't start with the $50 million offer.
It started way back when Hearn offered $4 million to Wilder for White with a guaranteed shot at AJ's titles.
Wilder said no, even demanded $7 million.
Later, Hearn offered $12.5 million for a shot at AJ's four belts.
Wilder said no again.
Which means he lied when he claimed from the very start that it's not about the money.
Man, how much money does this guy need to get a shot at AJ's titles?
Does he even deserve this kind of money?
This sport is going to the dogs.
Undeserving fighters with slim resumes are rewarded with millions of $$$.
Who's next? The Charlo sisters?
Fight bums, while waiting for a big lucrative fight?
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million, offer..., yeah

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