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Default 3 tips for adding lightning speed to your punches!

It is quite natural for some people to possess extra punching speed as compared to others. But it is not all down to nature, you can add that extra bite in your punches by integrating some very simple training routines.

Speed can be a lethal weapon in a boxerís arsenal, boxers like: Sugar Ray Leonard, Roy Jones Jr. and Floyd Mayweather thrived in the boxing ring because of the speed of their punches. And if youíre also looking to take your punches to the next level then put on your boxing gloves and hit the gym with these simple tips:

Punching Technique

You can be lightning quick but without the right technique, your opponent will always spot your punch the moment you load your guns. A flaring elbow can be seen from a mile. A slight feint is a good way to set up for an opening for your jab.

Itís all in the mind

Psychology can play a massive part in [Link View Has Been Removed. Click Here To Unlock This Content.]. A very effective and simple technique is to casually walk around your gym while thinking about super quick objects, a Formula 1 car, f-16 war plane, cobra snake, think of how these things move and with a sudden movement, shadow box and execute a quick combination of punches.

Hand Weights

This is an old age authentic technique that immediately adds speed to your punches. A sample routine for weighted punches is as following:
  • ∑ Attach 1 lb. weights to your gloves for the 1stround
  • ∑ Punch without weights for the 2nd round
  • ∑ Attach 2 lb. weights to your gloves for the 3rd round
  • ∑ Box without weights in the 4th round

You can further continue this method in the subsequent rounds, depending upon your preference.

The last thing to keep in mind is to keep your mind and body relaxed when trying to add extra speed to punches. Keep your shoulders loose and breathe normally and donít try to clench your fists until the very last moment.
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I think if you work on defence for a few months trying your best not to be hit using defence techniques then over time you will see more opening behind the defence that will make you quicker to react to those openings
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