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It took me years to get my cardio to the point where I am comfortable & confident enough to know that if I lose or get knocked out that it's not because I gassed out and couldn't keep up the pace. The key word here is pace though. If you are getting gassed at your own pace than you are going to have a problem on your hands when you face someone with the right chin and pressure style.

I sparred against another boxer who is about 50 pounds naturally heavier than me and considerably taller once a week all throughout high school. He pulled back on his punches more than me because of the size difference but still put enough to where I had to constantly be moving. And by move I mean legs, upper body, waist, arms, and head. I still remember how painful my entire body was after our 1 hour sparring sessions those first 2 years.

What I'm trying to get across is that many people will tell you that you just need to regulate your punch output, breathing, movement and they are correct for the most part. But to really get to the point where you don't punch yourself out is to actually spar against someone who will set a pace way faster than you are comfortable with. For the longest time you will be tiring out in mere minutes. This is normal for anyone because you don't know how to correctly pick your punches and stay moving/reacting while under a great amount of pressure but you will find out more about yourself and what works for you over time.Think about it for a second. One of the best ways to defeat a better technical boxer is to set a pace where they aren't able to execute their technique and eventually get tired.

Not sure how much you run but it's very important that you try to get at least a couple of miles in a week. Doesn't have to be too much. As for tiring out in a fight it can be comparable to running. Someone who is a great runner will still feel the physical exhaustion of it to some degree. The same applies to boxing. No matter how comfortable you are if the pace is fast enough then you will still get that feeling of exhaustion without actually slowing down because your body is able to keep up. This is the mental part which is necessary in order to achieve that ideal cardio. Trust me when you are truly pushed it's such a **** feeling that you can almost feel your legs wanting to collapse under you but your pride won't allow it.
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You are muscling your punches that tires you out super fast, I find it hard to tire myself out because my technique is good, and I do little cardio
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Don't have a timer on your sparring take out the power and spar trying out new things build up your sparring time without a break you'll develope the skill of getting a breather using defence
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Something others haven't said is that you may be very tense when you are really going at it. Practice relaxing the muscles that you are not using at the moment, and even practice relaxing more when you punch. Some punches this can increase power, depending on the technique. Others it won't. But you would be amazed at much tense muscles can sap your energy.
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