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Originally Posted by twosweethooks View Post
People get all excited when Floyd starts losing it. hahaha its so funny. He has NOT done anything that is worth mentioning in the ring for the past 5 years.

He said he would ***K everyone up and all he does is RUNs ! Run and Potshot. He ain't whupped nobody but Hatton and Hatton was chasing so hard he just bumrushed Mayweather and Mayweather nailed him with that hook. hahaha Compared to Pac , there is no comparison. Compared to what Mosley did to Margo and what Mayweather did to JMM or Oscar cannot be compared. Mosley and Pac deserve the big pay day not running man.

Talk can't whip NOBODY ! Now if the big bully gets in your head you are whipped. But if the bully can't get into your head the bully gets whipped and runs away like a little child.

Why do you think that Mayweather has the need to talk like he does putting his opponent down or anyone down and think he is better than anyone else ?

I will tell you why because there is an all out war going on inside of him. He don't feel accepted so he flaunts his money and lots of you guys fall for that. Are yall in need of acceptance too ? He feels rejected, he has fightings and wars going on inside. He is skitso.

I have known men in their 70's that could not deal with the problems of conditional love. In their 70's they were still trying to IMPRESS to have the love of others. Mayweather wants to feel the love but is going about it all wrong. You can't buy the love of the people.

Mosley is a settled man. Fear is not running thru his veins tonite like it is with Mayweather. Mayweather is not done talking. He will have the vilest to say yet, because he knows is not going to win this fight.

Nerves tear at your conditioning. Yall are banking on his stamina and conditioning. I say he has no balls, its time to prove me wrong. 6 days and Jr. can prove me wrong.
The guy is an ego manic no doubt about it ,,, his biggest trick is making guys like you think nothing is there if the acid is put on him ,,, I wont argue that he has mental issues of some sort he is a bit like the Neverland of boxing , but so long as he truly believes in himself and keeps that burning work ethic intact he will surprise you with his standup if somebody can be good enough make him use it , this is the dragon spitting fireballs Nazim referred to when he said to do what Floyd has done youve got to be a complete fighter , I think you are seeing an ATG .
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