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Originally Posted by Albo Da Kid View Post
Oscar's jab wasn't consistent and you think Cotto's is? Let me tell you something that i've notcied about Cotto. Whenever he sees plan doesn't work, he crumbles.
He stopped using his jab when Pacquiao took it away from him. He'll stop using it when Mayweather takes it away from him as well.

And what's all this talk about Cotto and his jab man? First of all to go into that fight he will need a bigger plan than just using his jab all night. and I'm pretty confident that his jab will not work for Mayweather
Mayweather's too quick and moves too much to get caught with those slow and stiff jabs.

One last thing. You have to bring more to the table than just being a On-dimensinal fighter(Cotto and his jab) to win a fight against Mayweather. I garantee you if it's a jabbing war, Mayweather will win it.

I hate to repeat myself but Mayweather is just more :faster, skilled, technical, workrate, defensive, to lose to Cotto.

Cotto will not be able to win it unless he knocks Mayweather out by putting constant pressure on him(which he can't becaue he lacks the workrate and stamina), and that will be unlikely to happen. mayweather has never been knocked out and I don't think aCotto will be the one to KO him. He' just doesn't have what it takes

I had what I had to say and I don't want to reply to this subject anymore.
He stop using his jab because it really wont work agaisnt PAC, PAC is not a stationary target that would stay in from of you, he learned his lesson against JMM. After JMM, Diaz, Oscar, and Ricky just look what happened. Cotto's jab useless against a fighter who fights just like Manny. But when its Mayweather its a different story. You know why? He's best offence when he is on his pocket, using the distance for him. A smaller marquez jab wont reach him but a bigger Cotto will. Cotto's jab is not the only weapon he could use but its the most important. A great jab will set up other punches, and for when Money MAy is on the rope with his shoulder roll, Cotto would be patient as well. Look when Pac was on the rope, he kept his compusure and didnt rush it. He kep throwing small compact punches but again Manny was able to escape because roach trained Manny for that scenario. But Mayweather will be on the ropes on his shoulder roll, I really do believe Cotto was trained to beat a Money Mayweather. He got it all.
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