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Default Translation: Juan Manuel Marquez breaks down Duran VS Buchanan on its anniversary

Hello folks. Just stopped in again to share another translation I did, hoped some of the admirers of classic boxing would appreciate it.

Original video can be found here:

[Link View Has Been Removed. Click Here To Unlock This Content.]



Announcer Dude: Well, thereís the final moment of the bout (video plays). A good exchange, where Ken Buchanan gets the better of it, but thereís the blow we told you about. Look at the right from Duran-oof! That was more than sufficient to end the fight; the bell had rung, hence the intervention from the referee. But he didnít understand, or simply didnít observe what happened in the ring, and he took that brutal shot to the ďsoft spotsĒ (usually what JMM uses to refer to the sides of the body), to put it one way. In the end, the triumph was cemented for Roberto Duran, who was winning the fight clearly up to that point; donít know how you might have seen it Juan Manuel. I think that Duran had the advantage.

JMM: Yes, we saw Duran pressuring, connecting better combinations of punches. I think that here, what a judge sees is the pressure and whose landing more blows, and in this case it was Roberto Duran, which brought him the victory. You say the ďsoft spotsĒ, Iíd say the really soft spots. But well, I think they gave him the victory because he won the fight. In these types of fights you canít disqualify the opponent. All the same, the referee didnít notice, and neither did the judges, but well, they gave him the fight because he was winning on the basis of points.

Announcer Dude: Well, weíre going to graphically explain the happenings of this fight. In the first rounds, Juan Manuel, well, practically the same flow as that of the whole fight. What was it that Roberto Duran did against Ken Buchanan, and how did he start to break him?

JMM: What Roberto Duran always did was keep throwing his jab, moving on his toes and moving his waist, which Buchanan did as well. But what Duran did well was throw the jab, and then come in with a right hand to the side, throw a left hook downstairs, and come up with a straight right hand (throws combination), the same way as he connected on Ken Buchanan several times.

Announcer Dude: Buchanan had a very pretty, very fast jab.

JMM: Yes-

Announcer Dude: But Duran started to learn it.

JMM: Duran started to lean. So he would lean to this side, and (lands over-hand right) over that left, over that jab, he would throw the right-not straight, but half-curved like a hook-and from there heíd throw a (left) uppercut, and would close hard with a right that was very strong (throws combination).

Announcer Dude: Also, there was the left hook that Duran used on several occasions, as he would bait with straight punches to the stomach (throws right hand to the body), but heíd come up immediately with the left hook.

JMM: What Duran did was jab, be moving his waist, getting inside to connect to the body. So what he would do was throw a right to the body (throws right hook), come up with the left (throws left hook), and throw the right hand, always trying to bring the attention down so that the opponent lowers his guard. Always, this hook (shakes right hand), heíd throw so that you lower your guard, and from there heíd throw the left hook, and also that right hand (throws combination). And you can also throw the (left) uppercut as well, or a hook to the liver.

Announcer Dude: And in short (on the inside) Duran was holding, but also throwing (simulates holding and hitting).

JMM: Yes, also connecting. We also saw in the video some 3, 4 right uppercuts; when on the inside, throwing 1,2,3,4 uppercuts (simulates uppercuts on the inside), and connecting all of them.

Announcer Dude: And how do you defend Duranís uppercut, Juan? Because if youíre here (leans in) you can evidently put your glove to take it (simulates parry), but if he catches you sharp with the edge, itís worse for the nose.

JMM: Yes, itís worse. If you want to lean back from an uppercut, itís much more dangerous going backwards, because-do it-they can reach you with the left hook (throws as Announcer Dude leans back). For example, if Buchanan had leaned back, from a hook for example; they throw one at you, and then they repeat it (throws double left hook), and they catch you with no guard, practically uncovered, and its even more dangerous.

Announcer Dude: He was a good fighter, Ken Buchanan. In certain moments in the fight, he took Roberto Duran out of his fight plan; he also started to put his hands on him significantly. But in the end, the potency (power) of Duran is what proved the difference. But everything, Juan, Iíd imagine stemmed from the pressure, the blows to the sides, and of course intimidating him with that kind of fight, because Roberto Duran never stopped coming forward.

JMM: No, he never stopped, and we saw he did it very well. Pressuring, what Buchanan didnít expect was the speed, the speed with which Manos de Piedra was fighting. To be pressuring and fighting with practically the same speed, pressuring the whole fight (throws quick combinations while advancing), and what Buchanan answered with, he would respond to with the same speed (counters with combinations), and I think (even) more (speed). Thatís what Buchanan couldnít take, and the shots to the body were exceptional, where heíd come with the right hand, land that same left to the liver, come back with a right hand, left hook, and again downstairs (throws combination). I think thatís what served Manos de Piedra Duran very well to win, and that low blow which was criminal, but well, letís see that one (laughs).

Announcer Dude: (laughs) Letís first review the video (replay of the footage comes on). This is how it ends. Buchanan had done well; he gets in a right, a very good right; Duran leans forward and takes a right, then a left; Duran doesnít end up standing very well, very open; and there goes the right-boom!-with everything downstairs. It really doesnít seem to have so much on it, the right from Roberto Duran onto Ken Buchanan, but it ends up being, as you said Juan, a brutal punch. Iím not familiar with the protection in such times, bigger or smaller; there should have been some sort of protection..?

JMM: Yes, they had protection, what we call the shell, but we donít know of what size or how they looked. In that case, a blow of that force can hurt you. If a not so heavy punch can cause you pain, imagine a punch with all the force behind it.

Announcer Dude: Because it did have momentum, that right hand.

JMM: It had momentum. You canít really see the blow well because the referee steps in to separate- the bell seemed to have rung- so the referee comes in to separate them, and apart from that, the camera angle doesnít help us, as it shows his back. Weíre able to see more or less the hook downstairs. What Duran does is-the bell rings, and what Duran does is let this hand go with all the drive to the soft spot (simulates low blow onto Announcer Dude).

Announcer Dude: How brave I am, so open (laughs).

JMM: (laughs) Yes, with your guard all open.

Announcer Dude: The truth is that it would have been much better to finish the fight under different circumstances, but well, thatís what happened in the moment. So there, Roberto Duran decrees himself new lightweight world champion, and there begins the legend of Hands of Stone. Today, itís been 40 years, on the 26th of June; 40 years since the first world title for Roberto Duran.
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