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you federally fu*ked now.
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Default Comment's thread for "aruumm I'm a massive Bellend"

People’s names have been Changed to protect their Identities (and my bank balance, please don’t sue Bob/Manny I’m skint)

Libel&slander magazine caught up with Super-promoter Blob .A. Rum In the Philippines where he was visiting Fighter of the ****-aid Mandy “Crackman” Pacquajo to discuss his next epic barnburner against either Lamonte “Two titles” Petersan (mystery man optional) Timothy “ET” Brad-lee, Migueleto “last chance saloon” Blood-Clotto and Mexican Legend Erikk “I’ll never win on the cards” Moralezz which is scheduled for some time in June or maybe May depending on when Mayweather announces his next fight.

Here’s the full Interview Below...

L&S magazine: “So Blob what are your thoughts were regarding a mega fight between boxing two premier pugilists Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquio?”

Blob: “Well I think it would be a great fight for the fans and would really put boxing back on the map, However Manny still has a horrific gash above his eye which unfortunately re-opened today after I hit him in the head with a ring binder containing a stack of notes of his upcoming Defamation case and receipts that show how I’ve been stealing money from him, Unfortunately Manny was suffering from Muscles cramps in his leg’s due to his high Intensity training on the Wii fit, else he probably would of ducked and would probably of been fine to fight on may 5th”

L&S magazine: So manny is a good ducker then Blob?

Blob: “oh absolutely, sometimes me and Michael Koncz like to play Manny at whack a mole using Manny as the mole and it’s Impossible to hit him cleanly, one time I let go of the mallet by accident and it caught Jinkee in the head, which obviously explains why she looks like that shemale from the Hangover two, but that’s a story for another day”

L&S magazine: “So Blob what’s the plan of action Instead?”

Blob: “Well I thought he could Fight one of the Four top contenders I’ve lined up In June after the nice surgeon that’s banging my step daughter finishes Stapling Manny’s face back together, and then we were thinking Of digging up Art “my last wife was a Blunder” Gatti’s corpse and making him Into a puppet like Manny and fighting him in November I’ve already got the Name lined up, The Melee on the Tele, it will break all revenue records we could even make it a trilogy if the fight is competitive.

L&S magazine: So No fight with Mayweather then?

Blob: “No unfortunately not Floyd is in jail for a while and I can’t obtain the planning permission I need to erect a 10000000000001 deck chair seater Stadium on the Rings of Saturn and One of my Investors can’t get his money out of the bank until at least 2015 as he’s awaiting trial On Money laudering in Hong Kong.

L&S magazine: “Ah I see any parting word’s for the fans Blob”

Blob: “why yes of course, feck you I only care about money and not you guys. suck my balls, Yesterday I was lying but today I’m telling the truth, what Can I say I’m a massive Massive Bellend but I’m still number one in the Philippines.

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I give you an A for effort but that's all
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