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Originally Posted by QADASHBANYAH View Post
MAN I swear you guys do not understand simple ***** at all do you?? Its called generalizations...

1. Infer general principles from: "it is tempting to generalize from these conclusions".
2. Make general or broad statements: "it is not easy to generalize about the poor"

This is what generalizing consists of son.

mayweather is not saying its not possible, but when you factor in probablity, its rare that a fighter becomes a recognized great prize fighter much later in their career!!! Pacquiao has gotten much stronger and some say he has not lost his speed. If you put on 25 pounds right now do you think you will still have your speed? This isnt being a mechanic, this is boxing, getting hit and hitting. Why do you think that the best fighters in boxing had great olympic and amateur careers. Noticed I added both.

In boxing if you start with bad habits you end with them. (NOW OF COURSE THIS IS GENERALIZATION) But what I am implying is that in general if a boxer has bad habits they dont correct them overnight. All this ***** about roach teaching him how to throw a certain punch over the course of years in pure bull*****.

I dont expect to see a very good jab fro ortiz now, because hes never exhibited this prior, just as mayweather called it on SHANE. ITS A PITTY PAT JAB. When you get hit everything goes out the window and you go for what you know. Does this happen 100% of the time?? Nope, but its very rare that a boxer that doesnt have composure gets hit hard multiple times and keeps his composure.
People call berto a bum, but the same people will get their asses whooped by berto, and 70% of the boxers in the welterweight division cannot beat berto. Thats plain and simple.

This Berto being a bum is also a generalization, but i understand why its stated and whats being implied. Berto doesnt fight high caliber opposition.

So what he is saying is not literally true, but if you dont have an ingrained hatred for him, you will understand what he is saying. Notice I am not saying a fighter cant get better. We are talking about leaps and bounds this is what pac is doing.

If I was to go back in the past 10 years ago and state this guy (MANNY PACQUIAO) would be knocking out welterweights you would be like what?? What the hell are you smoking?? If I went back x8 years ago, and stated this guy would be knocking out welterweight champs, you would be like what the hell?

If I went back 8 years ago and stated pacquiao would be knocking mosley on his ass in about x8 years I would be laughed out of a forum such as this. You can say its rice or whatever, the truth is usually easily understood.

Add in he doesnt want to take "FULL" random testing and there ya go.

It looks as if hes on peds, and thats a logical conclusion.
If someone stole out of my house even if I simply misplaced my watch, and I accused someone in my house of stealing my rolex watch, and you didnt want to show the contents of your pockets, you would seem suspect.

Its simple, now this doesnt mean pac is on something, but ***** it looks fishy!!! He would be drained (heavy training) with 14 day testing, and now he wants x7 day testing, come on man that doesnt seem weird to you???? Will his training regiment not be "heavy training" all of a sudden??

So while you can find some boxers that got better in their technique, its rare that you find them getting better all the way around, increased stamina, strength, speed, punch resistance etc. This is what FLOYD IS TALKING ABOUT.

Floyd knows more about boxing than you and I, Just as I know my profession better than he does. I am sure you know yoru profession better than Floyd as well, unless you are a boxer. You are not even an amateur trying to tell him about his profession.

So come one man, stop trying to look at everything as if its 100% accurate.

COWS SAY MOO. But I am pretty sure that some cows may have something wrong with them where they cannot make that sound. But do we now say cows dont say moo because there is a very small minority that dont??

This is easily understood. imagine a world where generalizing is nonexistant.

Its a way to explain something without being politically correct or being too precise.
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Hi, my name is Roberto Duran. My career started at a weight of less than 120 pounds and I worked my way up to fighting in the 175 pound division. In that time, I amassed 70 knockouts.

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Hi, my name is Tommy Hearns. I started my career at 147 pounds and fought all the way up to 190. In that time, I KOd 48 opponents.
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