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Originally Posted by arraamis View Post
He's a criminally corrupt foul version of a Politician and I don't give a fuk if he like ballet ... He's a fraud and traitor to those who ignorantly vote for him and a traitor to the American people. .... PERIOD!!!!

Do your research .......

Here he is meeting with ISIS leaders as they plan their carnage on humanity.

Image View Removed. Please Click Here.

Meeting with neo-nazies

Image View Removed. Please Click Here.

And don't even bother asking other soldiers that were captive during the Vietnam war about McCain.

It has also been claimed by retired Army Colonel Earl Hopper, admittedly without any corroborating evidence apart from what might be contained in inaccessible Pentagon files, that ***8220;McCain told his North Vietnamese captors, highly classified information, the most important of which was the package routes, which were routes used to bomb North Vietnam. He gave in detail the altitude they were flying, the direction, if they made a turn***8230; he gave them what primary targets the United States was interested in***8230;the information McCain provided allowed the North Vietnamese to adjust their air-defenses. As result***8230;the US lost sixty percent more aircraft and in 1968 [and] called off the bombing of North Vietnam, because of the information McCain had given to them.***8221;

[Link View Has Been Removed. Click Here To Unlock This Content.]
You damnn right bruh... He met with neonazis in ukraine to install them in power and he was supporting muslim radicals (units of al qaeda included) in syria just to overthrow assad. These were nigg*rs that were coming into towns and burning christian churches, and taking people that were not of their religious beliefs as hostages, all with the blessing of john mccain and others, all because they had a commercial/geo political interest in syria (same thing in ukraine), and all these radicals that the americans, saudis and turkish supported in syria later evolved into what is now isis, which controls a great part of the syrian territory, all with the help of the arms provided to them by the americans saudis and turkish to overthrow assad. Isis = american invasion of iraq + support of civil war in syria (which i dont know if it should even be called that because at the end many of those radicals were not even from syria, they were coming from all over).
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