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Originally Posted by x3_bazooka_x3 View Post
Quoted by the Wall Street Journal in regards to the rumored fight with Pacquiao, "Money" Mayweather stated: "Pacquiao? I didn't even know I was fighting him."
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I guess it was quoted from the wall street Journal but here is your link kid

Mayweather :

1.I want a full random blood and urine test

Pacquiao :

1.Pacquiao is afraid of needles

2.Blood tests make Pacquiao weak

3.$10 million penalty per pound overweight

4.I want Eight Ounce Gloves

5.I choose the ring size

6.Floyd Mayweather wants too much money

7.Floyd Mayweather is not serious he doesnt want to fight

8.We dont want to fight at the MGM Grand

9. I need a 17 day cutoff.

10. Let the Commission do their job

11. We don't trust USADA

12. 50/50 split won't get it done even though Mayweather consistently beats me in terms of generating revenue. Yes, Pacquiao recently said he wants more than 50/50.

13. Mayweather may not be available due to his cases.

14. Floyd Mayweather SR. said we couldn't train in the PI so that tells us they aren't serious.

15. As long as we have a pending case against Mayweather, we obviously aren't going to fight.

16. We hate Golden Boy so we won't negotiate with them.

17. Mayweather didn't answer my online clock that counted down to zero.

18. We're not going to wait on Mayweather. That's why we sign our next opponent 3 days after our last fight in order to shut out an opportunity or window to start earnest discussions with the Mayweather camp.

19. I dont need Mayweather to enhance my career.

20. The Joshua Clottey fight days after the Mayweather negotiations broke down

21. Starting a false rumor , Mayweather is fighting Erik Morales , LOL .

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