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Originally Posted by LaMexicanMigra View Post
Pac CHEATED with Illegal Inserts/Loaded Gloves in a FIXED FIGHT that Margo agreed to "throw" so that he can get re-licensed.

Thats why Margo's eye socket broke. Margo's been in tougher fights and his eyes werent damaged like that.

Pac's other opponents didnt have eye damage like that.
It only happened in the Pac-Margarito fight cause Pac had illegal loaded gloves and got away with it casue DelaHoya covered for him.

Pac is a chicken that cheats with steroids, loaded gloves and now fixed fights.
Pac is cheating with blood doping and HGH, but I really don't think his gloves are loaded...the idea that a banned for life fighter can get re-licensed and fight at a catchweight for a vacant title is an embarrassment to boxing, but it is what it is.

Pac is a beast and an exciting fighter, it doesn't bother me that he is cheating like he is really. Boxing is one of the most corrupt sports on the planet, fighters are willing to find advantages in any way they can. Roach has knowingly and willingly trained juiced fighters in the past. He has even stated that Wild Card has a "don't ask don't tell" policy when it comes to PEDs. Arum only cares about his gold. Ariza is one of the most infamous players in the game. Pac's camp makes him look worse than anything he could individually do.

Bottom line to me is you have a guy in the most corrupt sport on the planet who goes into the most corrupt career path on the planet. We are supposed to believe this man is an angel? Hell no, he is a cheating piece of shit.
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