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Originally Posted by SekondzOut View Post
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I still voted Shane...but I feelin this post ALOT!!! lol
I feel you on this. Pac wrecked Margarito physically far worse than Mosley, but Mosley embarrassed him in the ring in a more convincing fashion...this is why I despise *******s. If you are a fan of boxing, you don't cheer to see a guy get physically mutilated yet never go down, you want to see boxers demonstrate their sport in the best manner possible. For every Corales-Castillo I, JMM-Pac 1 & 2 there are at least 100 fights that disappoint. Just look at the hype surrounding Bradley-Alexander or Wlad-Haye...and think of the letdown upon seeing the fight.

Boxing is still 1000x better than watching some date rapist homos roll around on the ground like MMA, but boxing needs exciting fights to keep the interest levels up. Mosley-Cotto, Mosley-Margs were good and enjoyable fights to watch. Pac-Margs reminded me of that episode of simpsons where Homer just gets punched in the head over and over.
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