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I tried to get Omar to follow this program but he was so weak at the end I couldnt even get him on the phone...this is from a good friend of mine who was diagnosed four years ago with told him he needed surgery ASAP. He didnt do and instead followed a plan of his own (the KEY is the apricot seeds) and now four years later he is stil cancer free...NO CHEMO, NO RADIATION, NO SURGERY...TRUE STORY...his name is Bill Murphy, trained boxers for a long time out of Mickey Ward's West End Gym in Lowell...recently began working out of a different, but nearby me, this is ALL 100 PERCENT LEGIT...
Cancer Fighting Nutrition Updated November 7, 2012
__________________________________________________ _______________
IMPORTANT UPDATE - Adding about 6-8 ground up apricot seeds to your diet daily is probably the most important thing you can do to avoid ever being... diagnosed with cancer. If you have already been diagnosed with cancer I would recommend consuming approximately 15 seeds each day. You can sprinkle the grounds into your morning coffee grounds before brewing or sprinkle in a smoothie or any other sort of liquid you enjoy drinking. You'll hear terms such as Laetrile, Amygdalin, Nitrilosides and Vitamin B-17. Don't be confused by these terms. The bottom line is each of them are major components of or produced from APRICOT SEEDS. The simple truth is Apricot seeds contain a naturally occurring amount of cyanide (that's right, cyanide) which is the real killer of cancer cells but will not harm healthy cells. The amount of cyanide you get from Apricot seeds is not toxic at all. In fact, the sugar and salt you probably eat today are far more toxic to your body than the cyanide in Apricot seeds.
The point that Apricot seeds are a true cancer cell killer is supported by the fact that the U.S. Government has made the sale of fresh Apricot seeds ILLEGAL. You cannot get them in your local nutrition or supplement store. All you can purchase are freeze-dried or dry-roasted Apricot seeds that, through the drying process, have had all the beneficial cancer fighting enzymes destroyed. Pharmaceutical companies and the Medical community at large who stand to lose millions of dollars if fresh, raw Apricot seeds were legal and the truth about their cancer killing properties were known to the majority, fought to force the government to pull them from the market. The truth of the matter is, these large companies do not want a cure for cancer they only want treatments (radiation, chemo, etc) that have the potential to prolong lives only - treatments that they make, market, sell and use !!!
The best way to grind up Apricot seeds into a powder like form is by using a small coffee bean grinder. There are many different brands which can be bought at various stores such as WalMart.
Refrigerate Apricot seeds. DO NOT FREEZE THEM !

To learn more about this topic go to

[Link View Has Been Removed. Click Here To Unlock This Content.] or
[Link View Has Been Removed. Click Here To Unlock This Content.]

You can legally purchase fresh, raw Apricot seeds at either of the above sites or go to

[Link View Has Been Removed. Click Here To Unlock This Content.].

Don't wait on this one. It has been documented over and over that in societies where Apricot seeds are a mainstay of their diet, the incidence of cancer is almost non-existent.

If you want to do everything you can to avoid Cancer growth in your body follow the diet below religiously. Some items may be more difficult to avoid than others. In these cases, severely limit the amount and frequency of intake !!! In every case organic foods should be used.

OBVIOUSLY - No fast foods (MacDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King, etc), No soda drinks (Pepsi, Coca-Cola, NOTHING), No chips, cookies, cake, candy, etc.

- IMPORTANT: Do not use plastic wrap to cover food in the microwave. It "drips" carcinogens on your food believe it or not !! Cover with paper towel or glass cover. Do not microwave using plastic container - only glass containers.

- Also, be sure to read the section on Vitamin D below – VERY IMPORTANT

- Avoid red meat as much as possible. When you do have it, make certain it is extremely lean. NO dairy, sugar (poison and serves to help the growth of cancer cells!!), white bread, white rice, milk, eggs, cheese, salt, trans-oils. Easy rule of thumb - with the exception of lean, organic meat, IF IT'S WHITE - DO NOT EAT IT !!!!

- GOOD FOR YOU: Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Water, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3 along with foods listed below. They should be 90% of your diet.

- 5 WORST FOODS TO GRILL: Chicken, Steak, Pork, Hamburger, Salmon, as they increase in carcinogens dramatically. Bake or broil.

- Definitely DO NOT take added TESTOSTERONE to help build your body. Testosterone helps to create the perfect environment for Prostate cancer.

Best Foods to eat to help fight off cancer growth. Wash all fruits and Veggies extremely well....

Blueberries Grapefruit Pear Mango Apple
Raspberries Red (seedless) Grapes Banana Raisins
Papaya Strawberries

Veggies – baked potatoes, not mashed – no butter !!
Red Peppers Broccoli Green Peppers Bell Peppers
Carrots Tomatoes Sweet Potatoes Spinach Cabbage

Turmeric < especially Garlic Rosemary Kale


Green Tea Red Wine (moderately) Pomegranate (Cranberry) Brand Name “POM” (1 to 2 ounces nightly) Water

Whole Wheat Bread Whole Grain Bread

Tapioca (not pudding - real tapioca, boil it), Dark Chocolate (small amounts), Flax Meal, Shelled Walnuts, Brown Rice, Almonds.
Apricot Seeds (see info at top of this note)

Juicing veggies and fruits WORKS and acts as a NATURAL DETOX !!!

Vitamin D – Only take Vitamin “D3” which is “Cholecalciferol” and turns into “Calcitriol”, an anti-cancer nutrient. DO NOT use any

Vitamin D with “Ergocalciferol” which is actually Vitamin “D2” which does not naturally occur in the body and is a drug not a vitamin. Never accept a prescription medication for Vitamin D as it will be Vitamin D2.

Nightly Snack – A nightly snack I would highly recommend - a mix of blueberries, red seedless grapes, raw baby carrots and almonds.
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